To my shock the staff at the hospital often gives credit to 'supernatural causes'. Be they superstitions about the moon, the use of the word 'quiet' (as in "it's a quiet night), or haunted rooms and equipment.

I believe this is in part due to the curriculum at the local schools. The doctors are more often than not D.O.'s and not MD's; and the nursing schools favor religion classes over logic classes.

Often I have herd the staff at work call an effective treatment or misdiagnosis a miracle.
Whether this is due to a refusal to admit the error of a more or less serious diagnoses, or failure to understand the odds of success, I am unsure.

It is though even with the training, the simple answer of (magick at work) is more amazing than the bio-chemical interactions, and at times, massive effort of their fellow coworkers.

Critical thinking should be a must pass course for all high school students, and be taken every year in collage in one form or another – most of my coworkers have had less than 3credit hours of focus on introspection of their own mind and how it works to fill the gaps of unknown or unrecalled events.

If any of you are active on school boards please let us teach our children and young adults to THINK not just to regurgitate knowledge with out understanding; and fill the gaps with elves and daemons.

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Comment by benevolent_sociopath on June 30, 2009 at 10:32am
i hear allot of the same full-moon crap - most of the time it is not event a fullmoon it is just a near full phase. In Des Monies we have the ED staff ignoring the two rock concerts, sports events, packed bars and general stupidity of drunk people in the summer heat.
But it is hard to talk sence to a 'beliver' dubbley so if they are superstitus.



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