"The Grand Design" by Stephen Hawking!! I finished it!!! My opinion :) short and sweet....

So I got all nervous thinking that I wasn't going to comprehend what was written in this book. After the first chapter, big sigh of relief. I'm not going to babble on about the theories and laws Hawking and Mlodinow used to lead up to their theory of how we came into existence. I think the point of this book, IS there is finally a theory.
I feel like this book was meant to put out a rational non fantasy based argument for the existence of a uni/multiverse that doesn't have god in it. PERIOD. This is exactly the feeling I got while reading the book, and I think by just being able to hypothesize about how something was created without a god, using theories based on Scientific fact, is a big F U to creationists. I think this is the point of the whole book. Kinda like Hawking saying, we have a working idea of how it might have been possible for us to come into existence without any god pushing the button. Here it is...........
That's my opinion :)~ Great Read! Get the book!

Love to all my fellow non believers! You guys keep me sane!!!

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