My mother was born April 6th on a farm near Rossville Indiana. Dorothy Pauline Silverthorn. A sister would follow. 250 acres were eventually split between the two sisters. I inherited 125 ("buying out" my two sisters). Last year, I gave 20 acres to my daughter and her husband. They were renting land to farm vegetables. I determined them "qualified" to take charge of "the family farm". I am no farmer. The land was cash rented (80 ac still is).

14 months ago, we all literally moved a house, 130 years old, 2 miles over semi-frozen fields (avoiding power lines) to my farm. It got stuck in mud, making national news (ABC)! The house, by the way, was built by my great great grandfather for his daughter, a great aunt of mine. So it's "in the family", so to speak. 

For the past year, my kids (Nate and Emily) have worked on it in their spare time (still farming on their rented place). Well, yesterday, on my mother's birthday, they moved in!!! You have no idea how thrilled I am for them, my deceased mother, myself. The farm my great great grandfather Silverthorn bought and managed will stay in the family for another generation. They say, it takes 7 generations before the land really belongs to you. My grandchildren make that seventh gen.

Eventually, I'll deed the whole acreage to them. The future is secure (hopefully). And I'm at peace--and exhausted! After helping with the move, I'm taking it easy today.

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Comment by The Flying Atheist on April 9, 2013 at 10:17am

That's a wonderful story, Randall.  Congratulations to your family and their hard work.  This is a perfect example of "the ties that bind" families together.  (I hope that doesn't sound too religious!)  So much history.  It's the way we can "live on" in memory through the legacy we leave.   



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