The Great Debate: EXTINCTIONS (OFFICIAL) - (Part 1/2)

The Great Debate: EXTINCTIONS (OFFICIAL) - (Part 1/2)

When I was teaching, my classroom consisted of chaos, many things going on at once, few sat in their chairs, some sat at drawing boards, others in discussion groups, many in reading areas, clay and paper and paints and chalk existed scattered throughout with no sense of order. I do not talk about my elementary students, I also include my adult student. Sitting in chairs listening to a lecture made no sense to me. My method was to have lively discussions, latch onto ideas and then find some way to express those ideas individually and in groups.  

Both my elementary school principals and my college supervisors resisted my processes and practices, to my delight. 

Here is a video that describes classrooms of the future and I could fit right in. The methods suit me . The principles satisfy my tendencies. 

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Comment by Joan Denoo on June 22, 2015 at 10:54am

The Great Debate Extinction, 2 of 2 

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