About 15 years ago, I had a lovely hen and a clever cat. As we know, the hen is born from egg, never get milk for food, but the cat is born from body of cat, get milk as food, we say viviparity animals are much clever than others according Darwin's theory.

my cat, is always clever than my hen.

When he was alone in the yard, it is a very clean and peaceful place for him,also for me. He slept under the sunshine, his sleeping style is so beautiful, lightly,warmly and naturely as a picture, and it is so attactive and enjoyable. When the hen came to the yard,every thing change totally.

The hen also likes my windows as much as the cat, but she made droppings on the window plate, it became dirty and smelt bad, usually the cat was walking or sitting there to watch the houselady, we made the simple communication from there, I must find a way to cleaning it, it is a headache thing, when the sunshine dried the droppings, one day, I found the cat use his front arms to wripe the plate, cleaning down the GARBAG from the place.

Another interesting thing is the hen did not care too much about the cat, but the cat did care much about the hen. I provided a wooden sofa for them resting or staying.When the hen was sleeping on the sofa, the cat never disturb her,

he crossed the sofa lightly without any crushing or touching of the hen, he would lightly jump over her sometimes as a windy action, but on the contrary, if the cat was sleeping, even he was not the barrier of the hen, the hen also walks on cat's tail or even put her foot on his stomach, such rude way waked the cat up , he felt pain maybe but never be angery.

Is patience a kind of wisdom ? the cat showed me this instruction. Human beings must have much patience than animals.

We have spirity to observe and study, but what we can do and want to do, we can never find the answer from the Religion, because it has already been made for teaching people and control people, it is brain-products , freely forever in markets.

By now, I respect my ability developed by evolution according to the theory of darwin, controlling the thinking ability of people, is another way to destroy civilization. In the time of no civilzation and science, religion is product to teach people in history, but now, we really should exploree the problem of where is God, by our wisdom, not by God, because our ability is increasing in life day by day in history

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Comment by Gary Huckleberry on June 14, 2010 at 7:00am
Fun story! Generally speaking, cats and hens don't have 60 hour/week stressful jobs, necessitated by government financial land and license controls. The Jewish-Christian God (the only one I am familiar with) is a very abusive character, so "true believers" and recent believers are apt to be "inclined" to any hocus-pocus without regard to practicality and "patience".
Comment by Secular Sue on June 11, 2010 at 4:04am
I enjoyed your story. You have a lovely voice.
I think animals have a lot more patience than people, especially modern people. A cat will be still for a long time, waiting for a bird. A bird will sit for a long time, waiting for a cat to leave. We modern people want it Now.
The cat and the hen learned to tolerate each other because it was best for their survival. Neither one was threatened or hungry. Maybe the cat would change it's mind, if you stopped feeding it. >"<
Comment by Jaume on June 10, 2010 at 8:03am
Beautiful story. Luckily, some hens are more caring than yours.



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