The “Historical Jesus” is a Sideshow

Does anyone have a count on how many books and other media materials purport to describe the “real” Jesus? There are so many theories describing a human Jesus that the most important fact about Jesus is lost: the gospel stories about him are mostly myth, if not completely myth.

It was the myth of Jesus that gave him importance. If the stories were based on some real human named Jesus, he was a very insignificant historical person. But, his followers created a mythical Jesus with the gospel stories. It was the myth of Jesus that was the foundation of Christianity. Myths are not true…they are lies. Christianity was built on lies. Today, even many Christians understand that the Jesus story is not true; but, fail to understand that an untruth is a lie.

The search for the historical Jesus is an exercise in grasping at straws to save Christianity. It is a sideshow because the big tent began to collapse with the Age of Reason. The descriptions of a historical Jesus are rationalizations, distracting from the hard truth that Jesus Christ never existed.

Non-believers should avoid being dragged into the delusion of the “Historical Jesus” and concentrate on exposing the lie at the heart of Christianity.

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