The historical Jesus of Nazareth is the author of the New Testament and finisher of the Books of Ezekiel and Daniel cryptanalysis. Proof that Jesus is the author and finisher, the Holy Ghost-writer of the New Testament, rests under a Rock at Stonehenge [four feet (4 ft, 1.2 m) below Heelstone] and in seven (7) known facts:

1. Matthew was a functionally illiterate tax collector;
2. Mark was a functionally illiterate 'missionary';
3. Luke was a functionally illiterate 'slave physician';
4. John was a functionally illiterate 'fisherman';
5. Jesus' the "author and finisher" (Hebrews 12:2);
6. Jesus' disclosed personal thoughts therein;
7. Jesus' signature in the New Testament ending.

Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, were good-hearted Rocky Balboa types (first Rocky movie). Not much of a difference between them really. The early 1st century Roman system for collecting taxes lent itself to excess, exploitation, and corruption. Consider the structure in 25 AD. The Italian government 'bid out' the right to collect taxes in a region of the empire. Rome's government would say, We need 'x' amount of revenue from this region. Wealthy people (mob bosses) would bid on the right to collect (shake down) taxes in that region. What these thugs collected above the Italian bosses' demand was their profit (the take).

These Roman regional collectors would hire managers (gangsters) in specific districts of the region (such as Zacchaeus) for the shake down. The man would have a specific sum he must collect in the district. Anything he collected above that sum was kept (his take). These managers would hire local Italian gangs in their district to do the actual collecting (like Matthew's gang). It was their job to actually collect (shake down) amounts assigned by their managers (gangsters) from the poor souls. When they collected more than the managers requested, the amount which they collected above what was required was kept (their take).

It does not require a genius to imagine how Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, functionally illiterate Rocky Balboas, worked. The Stallion Church is rooted from this origin of the Italian (Roman) mob and their bosses. Most just good-hearted thugs like Matthew, the functionally illiterate tax collector, and his good-natured associates; Mark the functionally illiterate 'missionary', Luke the functionally illiterate 'slave physician', and John the functionally illiterate 'fisherman'. They were debt collectors actually, not one of them capable of authoring Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, etc, nor finishing the Books of Ezekiel and Daniel cryptanalysis.

Old Testament authored in the First Person,
Holy Qur'an (recited) in the Second Person,
New Testament written in the Third Person,

Holy Ghost-writer

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