The reason the Abrahamic triumvirate commits genocide against stone age tribes ie: Australia's aboriginals, is because it eradicates our history as well. We too were hunter gatherers as well and in the attempted cultural and in many cases actual genocide of such peoples covers this up from a historical perspective. I really do not know the bible that well but as far as i understand it do they not go from Adam and Eve to extant agricultural and urban societies in a couple of chapters. So obviously any 'stone age' societies that reflect the true evolution of human kind is a threat to their world view. Perhaps this, even more than incipient racism is behind their constant attempts to rewrite the truth of evolution.

We could posit that here in Europe the history of our own evolution from hunter gatherer and by extension evolution itself was the first to suffer from the goatherders cultural genocide and of course actual genocide. When do we begin to understand that the goatherders books (all three of them), represent somebody elses creation myths and are no true part of Europe's development aside from being grafted on to extant civilizations. As indeed they must have been in the middle east for surely their developmental history is labouring under the same mis-conceptions the triumvirate lunatics, flying in the face of archaeology, foisted upon us.

One of the things i found within my own life as they have tried (and still continue to this day) to forcibly convert me to their beliefs, is that unless unless you believe it does not seem to really exist for them. Another pointer in their need for cultural genocide, if you have different creation myths it causes them intellectual dilemas and that they do not seem to be able to handle.

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