NBC and David Gregory debate what will reduce the carnage in America and violates a D.C. law prohibiting the possession of a high capacity magazine.  The athorities decided it was not in the best interest of the public to prosecute NBC or David Gregory on this violation.  The public is left with the baggage of psychological questions on social freedoms.

While the media debate the popular topic, public schools are not more protected nor advised on how to protect themselves.  Barracading schools costs money, protecting citizens with laws that prevent bullying and providing psychological help costs money.  Should David feel that he was unfairly judged for communicating with an actual gun magazine?  Should the public push that NBC and David be prosecuted like anyone else or should laws be changed to show legal intent for psyschological debate? Of course we see the unfairness hear of laws that change for those who have the wealth of money and media.  What about the rest of us?

How much money would that law change cost?  How do you prevent more social laws that unfairly target psychologically sound individuals with ludicrous laws from fear inflicted acts?  The loss of empathy for individuals who display a wider range of options to life without the intention of harm or demise of others will always increase and decrease over time.  Is there a better solution to fixing the psychological question to today's turmoil and sadness?  Is there room at all for improvement?  Where will the care and money come from?

Meet the Press host David Gregory holds what he described as a high-capacity ammunition magazine during the Dec. 23 program.

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