The Koran is borrowed from both Jewish and Christian myths

Umm, really the whole book was quite worth reading.

I just want to share the summary of the interesting chapter nine.

God is not great-chapter 9

(The Koran is borrowed from both Jewish and Christian myths)


Hitchens talked about myths that borrowed from the bible. He mentioned the story of virgin Mary and he even goes so far as to compare the annunciations to Muhammad and to the Virgin Mary.

Then he started an interesting comparison between the resistance of all three of these monotheistic dogmas , Judaism, Christianity, and he focused on their scriptures that translated into the common languages of various nations. The Torah by tradition is still hand written almost exclusively in Hebrew when for liturgical use.


Hitchens mentioned that the Koran is still considered correct in Arabic only, and the translation of the Koran can not be considered the real Koran.

 Again  he discussed the problem about the Arabic language of the Koran, which constitute an obstacle for muslims whom are non-arabic speakers...

On the other hand, he talked about the dotted Arabic alphabets (the new Arabic alphabets).

In my pinion, I consider this matter (the new dotted alphabets) as real big problem illustrating a huge gap between the old language and modern language, which makes some words have no meaning not to mention the foreign words like "Valley of Woe" "Garden of Eden" that were copy and paste from bible..


and the great disaster was the "lost in translation" that clear mistake as we can see in "the black eyed virgins" which means the grapes. and by the way, this problem was clarified in the book "The Syro-Aramaic Reading of the Koran" by Christoph Luxenberg.


Hitchens talked about a discussion he had with a man in Washington DC where a man bemoaned the fundamentalist muslims who were and still are causing concern to the people of the US.


Hitchens gave his explanations on this and he clarified that there was more proof for Muhammed than Jesus, after that, they threatened him with violence.

Hitchens has clarified the most important thing in the entire chapter which was:

All of these three books, the Old Testament, the New Testament, and the Koran each one of them  has it's own problem,and that they were all penned significantly after the events they allude to take place, or, in the case of the Koran.


Each book makes some claims to the divine, as well as the Christians claim eyewitness writers of the gospels, but they were written decades after the events, and the claims of apostolic authorship are dubious at best. The Jewish scriptures claim to discuss events from well before they were written, and the evidence for their original writing dates indicates likely centuries after when they claim.

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Comment by Hope on March 12, 2011 at 4:30pm
Yeah Becky, me too.
Comment by Becky Coats on March 11, 2011 at 5:25pm
I wonder, if folks looked into the history of their religions, if there would be more skepticism out there.  Rather, folks just swallow it, either because they were raised in it or it touched them at a vulnerable moment, then they adopt it as a way of life.  No more thinking, no more ideas, no objections allowed.



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