I saw a preview of The Ledge at the American Atheist convention in April.  I think is may be the first movie in history to explore issues of morality and atheism in a meaningful and unbiased manner. It is a good watch and will have you thinking and discussing for days or weeks after.  I want to ask you to do what you can to support this movie.  We need our own movies to compete with trash like hypocrite Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ. Here is information on the movie and trailer.

Director Matthew Chapman - The Ledge,

This the first big film with an atheist hero and an A-list cast.
With Liv Tyler, Patrick Wilson, Charlie Hunnam, and Terrence Howard,
it was nominated Best US Drama at Sundance, and made Russia's Top
Weekly Chart (#3) between Pirates of the Caribbean and Thor. So The
Ledge could be the Brokeback Mountain for atheists, drawing
blockbuster attention to our cause. Or, if the film doesn't do well on
video-on-demand and through its "test run"
starting in New York and LA on July 8th, it could fail to go
nationwide, scaring studios away from atheist films for years.

Christians rose up for Passion Of The Christ, and more faith-based
films followed. We see The Ledge as an opportunity to reach the
mainstream far outside our usual circles. Could you help spread the

It's all at http://ledgemovie.com/how_to_help/. What do you think?

Let people know about it, post it on your FB page, write about it in your blog.  Lets make sure religionists and non-believers alike have something in the mainstream that challenges assumptions about religion and morality.

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