The Lie - Thoughts on the Foreword and Introduction

As promised, part one of my review of 'The Lie' by Ken Ham.

The book sets out its stall straight away. Evolution, perhaps in league with gravity, is responsible for all the evil in the world. Evil includes homosexuality, so if you are a homosexual, no matter how nice you treat people, no matter how much you give to charity, no matter even if you are a Christian; You are EVIL! But at least you can blame it on evolution.

Remember those halcyon days when there was no crime, no sin, everything was perfect, because everybody was a church-going Christian? Those days are long gone, because secular schools teach children that evolution is true. Evolution is based on the real world, i.e. the bits of the world that we can experience through our senses. The real world says the world God inhabits is not the real world. So if you are mugged on your way home tonight, if your local bank is robbed, or your neighbours have same-gender sex tonight, it’s all the fault of evolution. And maybe gravity.

In his introduction, Ken Ham also makes it clear where his worldview comes from. His parents brought him up to believe that the Bible is the word of God. There is no mention of what methods were used to drill this message into young Kenneth, so I cannot even begin to speculate about little Ken’s indoctrination, but it is pretty clear that by the time he was old enough to go to university, he was certain in his own mind that God and the Bible are infallible. Quite why he decided to study science at university when he openly admits that everything he studied he believed to be lies, again only Kenny knows.

So far, so rubbish. Next installment next week.

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