I have namely recently started a brand new blog, called The Little Book of Humanity and it is at http://thelittlebook.blogs.fi/

The very modest intention of The Little Book of Humanity is to gather into one blog the very best ideas of secular, humanist and atheist thinkers, writers, poets, philosophers and scientists of the past. The goal is to form a little guidebook on how to be a good human inhabitant of this little blue planet.

This far the voices mostly heard in the blog are Epicurus, Marcus Aurelius, Oscar Wilde and Bertrand Russell, but more great names will follow in coming days, months and years.

The aim is to publish one or two great secular quotes a day, but The Little Book of Humanity will not be just a collection of quotes, as there enough of those on the Internet. The big difference is that there will always be a personal introduction to the quote that also tries to explain the quotes to the modern person. See you at The Little Book of Humanity at http://thelittlebook.blogs.fi !

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Comment by Stump Parrish on December 26, 2009 at 4:02am
I have added your blog to my favorites and I look forward to expanding my understanding of humanity and the thoughts of those who tried, and continue to try, to create a better world.



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