The Maintenance Engineer by Steve Nelson (Just a few excerpts, please enjoy)

At the edge of the Galaxy a huge starship cruises serenely.

... Unaware of a dangerous unknown force that means harm!

WHAM! I was knocked out of my bunk! I hit the deck plate with a thud. ...I saw stars where they shouldn't be.

...Momentarily red emergency lights came on. ... I got to my hard shell exterior work suit in the nearby closet and struggled into it fast as I could. My head seemed sticky as I felt a painful spot there. Ouch! It hurt!!

...I saw in the mirror that I had a gash on my head that was slowly oozing some blood. I quickly but carefully sprayed some AntiBio on it and carefully but quickly extracted a padded bandage from the Medikit...

I put on the rest of my work gear...

I strapped the back pack on making sure the Biosensors were activated. ...

I was just about through & another WHAM! Resounded through the ship. The deck rocked and I was thrown against the wash basin. ...I held on as the ship rocked again with another Loud WHAM! "What is happening?" I called out to no one! It must be some kind of attack... I got on the wall mounted intercom & keyed for the Captain. No response! I tried the Ecec. No response! "I've got to get to my station on the bridge!"...I moved to the door & disengaged the locking mechanism. It should have come right open. NOTHING! ...I got out my special tool for stubborn doors, my utility hammer, and wrenched off the cover plate to the door electronics... I tripped the door mechanism & the door came open.... Red warning lights flashed at the end of the corridor next to the Personnel lift entry. ...a breach had occurred. I would have to climb if the Gravity liner in the tube was operating. If not, I would need to operate in Zero-G. ...

I reached the Personnel lift door... I hit the override, the door came open. The tube was empty. ... The tube was dark except for red Emergency lights... I gingerly reached over and took hold of the nearest service way rung. I held tight and stepped onto the service way ladder. I felt the lack of gravity Immediately!

I calmly sailed through the tube as red Emergency lights passed by slowly... I reached the entry to the Bridge Module. The door was solidly locked, it would not open.

I opened the control box mounted on the bulkhead next to the Personnel lift door. ... I activated the sensor viewer. There was air where I was but no gravity. But what was worse was what the screen showed on the other side of the bulkhead. The Entire Bridge module was GONE!

...Without the bridge controls the only way to operate the ship was at the Auxiliary Bridge near Engineering... "Well," I said to myself, "Guess where I'm going?"...

...I scanned the length of the ship as far as the viewer could go anyway. I saw more huge holes drilled right through our ship! My Beautiful Ship! "What has been done to My Beautiful Ship?" I wondered to myself. It looked like it had been hit with buckshot!...

I called again on my Wrist Com. No response from anyone. I went down the tube to connect with the Central passage...Emergency lights blurred past me as I sailed along effortlessly down the tube... my stomach turned as I went.

I thought to get something to settle my stomach when I reached the first working Gravity plate that I came to, along with something to eat.... Medical is just off the Central passage. I could stop & get something there. I couldn't wait!

Then I came to a complete stop as the tube was collapsed just short of the entry to Central. ...There appeared to be no way through. ... I'd have to back up and find another way around. ...

SOON THE SHOOT'IN STARTS and those that attacked the ship will wish that they hadn't!

The MAINTENANCE ENGINEER will start cleaning!

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Comment by Steve Nelson on May 24, 2010 at 6:57pm
Hey John, The Maintenance Engineer is really a Fun story for all ages. I'm glad that I sat down a while ago and wrote it. I hope it takes off! It is kinda like Batman in Space! The Maintenance Engineer is Non-Erotic but it does have a bit of Romance in it and a couple of hot chicks! Give it a try! Sincerely, Steve Nelson



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