How can any human pretend to know the meaning of life? How can someone know exactly why we are here and what we become, and what happens when we die? How do we know what happiness means for everyone? We cannot know any of this. The only person that can know this is that person to themselves. Nobody else can tell us what is wrong to us or what makes us happy. In life we make general rules as to what is not expected from society in regards to morals, but what makes someone happy is left up to the individual person. Happiness cannot last forever, else it would be a boring life. Without unhappiness we would never truly feel the same level of excitement that happiness would bring. I think of those who pine for a heaven that they can go to, where they can get away from this life and be eternally happy. Why do they think of the future of their happiness instead of looking for it here in the one life they have? To me, it seems, constantly being happy would bore me. Constant happiness would make life quite unsatisfactory as I would never have a need to succeed. When negative things happen in our lives we feel truly happier when we come out of it fighting, when we succeed, when we take that negative and turn it around. In order for us to feel this happiness bad things have to happen. Not because there is someone up above who decides what happens at every moment, but because everybody else's happiness coincides with each others happiness. What one person finds exciting could be excruciatingly painful to another. Everything coincides with something else. It is nature. We cannot change this by giving it all up to some being that exists to rules us. By giving up life's happenings to some magical creator we take the fun out of living our lives. We are no longer responsible for things we do and don't do. We are no longer happy for the life we have now because we constantly imagine our afterlife as being better. Those who believe in the afterlife think they know what the true meaning of life is. This cannot be, as everyone's meaning of life is different. One person's meaning of life could be to bring music to people that can move them, another could be to bring medical healing to others who need it, but to say that the meaning of life is to praise a higher being because he decides our future after our death is just ignorant and dangerous. It is not only dangerous to that person but to all that the person comes into contact with.

We can live as human beings in peace, but my belief is that will never happen. We will never be truly peaceful. Never. As long as we have groups of people who think they are better than another, or feel like they are owed something, we will never have peace. Religious people often talk about "Know Jesus, Know Peace" yet more violence is done because of religion. When you base your entire moral code on a book written thousands of years ago and don't expect things to change, you are deluding yourself. Morality changes as we evolve. What might be illegal now might be legal tomorrow based on societal changes. Law always changes, morality always changes, but happiness doesn't. I don't know what it will take for the religious to see that. I feel happy when I do things for others who don't expect it. Not because a book told me to do those things, but because it is my duty to fellow man to aid in our succession and evolution. I do it because it makes me feel good for my own good, not just because I am expected to do it. In a way I believe in Karma, when I surround myself with positive energy positive things happen to me.

One last thing. I would never want to go to heaven. I would get bored constantly singing the praises of a god. It would not be eternal bliss, as they say, but the constant boredom of praising a god forever. That is not an afterlife I would want to live. That is not an afterlife I would look forward to. Those who look forward to that do not know how to create their own happiness here on Earth.

Thanks for reading my rant.

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