I’m at that point with the Middle East where honestly, I feel the ISIS issue is, well, their issue.

I also get the impression from the Arab League that they are just going to sit on their bottoms, sip tea and wait for the west, or NATO or the US to handle the situation.  But this seems the norm over there.

     As one person pointed out they (the Arabs) don’t or won’t attack another because they want to be “friend” and not upset anyone.

     Well maybe it is time for a change over there.  Maybe it is time to let other leads those countries.  Maybe it is time for a group like ISIS to take control.

     Would that be a bad thing?  Could it be any worse than the environment that region is in?  I mean the boarders were draw after World War I when the Ottoman Empire fell apart.  And there has been trouble in that region ever since.   Even the Brits used chemical weapons over there in the 1930s I believe.

     Beheadings?  The Saudis do that all the time.  And it isn’t limited to that region.  I live in Texas and it happens along the Mexican US border.  Same with sex trafficking.  They busted up a ring in the small South Texas town I live in not long ago. 

     Corruption?  It is common in Mexico and Central and South America.

   They worry about ISIS coming into the US via Texas. Got some really bad news.  The Drug Cartels are here and are spreading.

     To the point where in some places law enforcement are literally too afraid to act.

    Thing is, is anyone, ever stopping to think that maybe, people like Saddam Hussain knew what he was doing?

    Is the culture there that different that you have to literally wipe out a town to get people attention?

  In some cases, I honestly believe so.

  But what I do find interesting is that when such religions as “Christians” do the exact same thing, well, it is okay.


I guess I am just tired of the double standard I see


What are your views on this?

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