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I have thoughts swimming around my head constantly. They tend to mostly get lost; but every now and then i'm able to trap them into a wordpad file. I have musings on the war on drugs, the serenity prayer quote from N/A and A/A meetings, CBD and marijuana/drug reform, infowars & police state reverse fear-mongering, complaining about people's lack of proper spelling and grammar (and the role the internet and texting have played in the dumbing down of our kids' linguistic skills), ghost hunting/cold reading/Amy Allan in particular (of The Dead Files), and ideas i know i can eventually run with but just haven't been fully developed yet. 

These writings are being posted here as a temporary home, in hopes that someone may read them, and impart some insight or, at the very least, criticism of my work. Please note, these are brainstorms, most of these i haven't even read through after writing, as, unfortunately for my 'style' of writing (for lack of a better term), as soon as i re-read something i've written, i either simply toss it out or completely re-write it, in which case it becomes a victim of the next out-hauling of materials i re-read.. So, this is why i bare my raw and unpolished thoughts for you to do with what you would like; which is most likely to not read it..

Part I: oh, that was part I. hehe... i'm working on all the above listed sections and many others.. here is a bit of my CBD/pot rant:

i think i posted this or something similar once already.. but, this is AMAZING!!! an outright CURE for Hepatitis C. not management, not "trial drug that may help to regulate your liver so you can live a normal and lengthy life"... they ACTUALLY CURED SOMETHING! and guess what else? The pain of fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis, "AIDS wasting" syndrome (starvation, essentially), Cerebral Paulsy, epilepsy (even, and in some cases ESPECIALLY with children), there is a drug out there that has very little negative side affects, it's 100% natural, and it's illegal.
The claims i've made here are extraordinary (as you know i'm talking about pot).. but do some research on it. watch any of the thousands of documentaries or personal home videos of people suffering from these things, and see how much their medication (marijuana) helps them. I do want to be clear here, since i brought up the whole "children" thing.. it is a touchy issue. There's a little girl that's 2 who was having seizures constantly, they couldn't figure out what was wrong with her, and it was probably going to kill her.. her parents went down every avenue they could. two doctors had asked them if they'd considered cannabis (specifically the strains high in CBD - cannabidiol, thought to help with epilepsy, seizures, anxiety, and tics and twitches often associated with CP or in some MS cases).. of course they said no. who would give a two year old marijuana?

well, they finally tried using a tincture. and, keep in mind, they have found a much less 'psychadelic' strain, as it is very low in THC (tetra-hydra cannabinol), which is a much more psychoactive chemical to the human brain. not only that, but they were using literally a dropper, dropping tiny doses under the little girl's tongue.. and when she'd gone 36 hours without a single seizure (when she normally would've had at least 100, the mother claimed), they were sold on it.

My sole point here, even though i absolutely believe that marijuana should be allowed to be consumed by the general public (i always thought we were free. in the words of bill hicks "you are free.. to do what we tell you"). it would CRIPPLE cartels around the world, rake in tons of taxes for education and other social needs, it would HEAVILY lighten the load in jails, and keep non-violent drug offenders out of jail.. Nobody can sell me that there's a negative side to doing this. People always want to throw out things like, "well, what if someone drives when they're stoned??" the common response is, "people still drive drunk.. but alcohol is legal." yes, this is a fair point, but i'd rather point out that "PEOPLE ARE ALREADY DRIVING STONED!!" and guess what, if you make it legal and regulate it, then people won't have to hide it by doing things like driving to the middle of nowhere to light up, then having to drive back home 20 miles under the speed limit.

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