The Military Secular Atheist Agnostic Freethinker Prayer

Something was brought to my attention a bit ago. Some Republican politician is trying to get a "Christian" prayer thing passed that says anything with a payer in the military has to be "Christian" or something along those lines...
Yet again another Goodie Two Shoes is trying to jack with the military because they think they can.
So, I have offered up my own prayer.....
I call it:

The Military Secular Atheist Agnostic Freethinker Prayer

“Let us bow our head and pray….
To the Civil Servant Super Grades who over see the purchase of our equipment from the lowest bidder…..
To the Civil Servants who have so little time for us in their daily duties who are paid good wages and benefits who are supposed to support us but don‘t want to be bothered by us….
To the lobbyists who make large significant donates to our elected officials of all political parties,
To the corporations of the private sector who provide the goods and services to us, who serve in the military, at the lowest cost to produce,
To the contractors who are there to do the jobs normally done by those in the military so as not to have a draft and be an imposition to the people of our country, the United States of America, and who would normally be called "War Profiteers",
The the Congressional Military Industrial Complex who make up enemies of our country so they can profit from them,
To the Special Interest Groups who so desire to impose their half-witted and totally unrealistic will upon us in uniform so you can feel good about yourselves,
To those of the Baby Boomer Generation who claimed themselves to be homosexuals, or got married, or whose families had political connects so we avoided military service during Viet Nam to chase the all so Mighty Dollar, who now, as elected officials have no qualms of sending us to war because that’s what the polls say to do,
To the crazy religious leaders and their followers who think nothing of devoting their lives to some fictions invisible guy in the sky who has nothing better to do then spy on you all day long,



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Comment by Martin John Donohoe on May 29, 2010 at 12:13am
I like it. Well stated. Amen to that.
Comment by unholyroller on May 29, 2010 at 12:02am
Double Amen. Very well stated!



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