by Jaya Gopal


A 397 page scholarly study, encompassing the life of Mohammed, the origins and development of the Koran, concepts of superstition, slavery, Jihad,  brotherhood, the status of women, science and ideology.


“This book draws on the best historical scholarship on the subject of Islam, in the context of various problems encountered by dissidents, infidels, and diverse traditions within Islam.”—Fred Whitehead, publisher


“As long as we are lucky to have brave authors like Jaya Gopal, there is still hope that Islam will not succeed in destroying the achievements of humanism.”—Ibn Warraq


Now available as a PDF file on a compact disk, playable on any computer with Windows XP or later versions.


Price: $10 (U.S. currency), postpaid to any address in the world.


Published and distributed by John Brown Press, P. O. Box 5224, Kansas City, Kansas 66119 U.S.A.


 [My colleague Fred Whitehead, compiler of Freethought on the Frontier, has been a cultural & freethought activist for decades. Support his publishing endeavor if you can.]


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