It the Never ending stooooooooorrryyyyyyyy!!!! (And for those of you who have not seen the movie, Don't Watch It!)

Atheism Vs Theism is an old debate, a long and old debate.

I am a dedicated Atheist, I will fight with Theism on every front, but this old tired process of Atheism being the minority is getting on my Nerves!

Why must Atheism continue to be the minority?

The Debate reminds me of an analogy: Two kids are sitting in a sandbox, pulling on a ball, and each is saying "MINE, MINE!!!" But the Theist side is a Giant Brute.

I propose a new way of thinking, how about the ending of all Theist Religions?

It should not be that hard, hell we survived this long.

It is time, Atheists, it is time to stop Religion. It is time that Atheism should take the center stage.

I know that this will work, just trust me on this.

I will admit, it is a bit radical, and somewhat dangerous, but now is the time; we cannot wait another decade; we cannot!

If you shun me, I will fight alone. Hell, I'm an oxymoron already: An Atheist singing in a choir that sings about 'God'.

I offer my idea unto you, the people. Support me or shun me, it matters not.

Knowledge is Power, and that Power will Crush Theism

Viva Atheism!!

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