The New Zealand Money System De-Fib Documentary - Giving a jolt to the heart of an ailing democracy.

The New Zealand Money System De-Fib Documentary - Giving a jolt to ...

The world’s economy faces a puzzle In which growing numbers of citizens find it harder to maintain a superior quality of life. Workers do all required of them by their various elected governments, over many decades, yet they continue to fall behind, economically. 

This documentary collects hard evidence from many sources demonstrating that workers follow an old, dated "crazy colonial era economic path" that means a growing lack of equal economic opportunity for most of its citizens. The working class risk “becoming old world peasant tenants lorded over by a monopolist land-controlling aristocratic few”. Information of economic model alternatives reveal historic evidence of greater equal economic opportunity for workers.

Iain Parker writes about New Zealand's money system; what he reports applies to the world's banking systems. He spent more than ten years gathering information about money system structures and the history of economic development.

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