Please check out my myspace page and show your support. We want to get the word out so that the godless survivors of incest, sexual assault or rape have a community to speak up with or out to. The O3 Campaign is also dedicated to publically using the word 'Atheist'. Why? Because we don't feel it to be a negative word, and the more it is used it will become a 'household' name and not be immediately associated with every negative trait you can have and still be considered human.

Kellina Vanpool,
The O3 Campaign

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Comment by Howard S. Dunn on January 1, 2010 at 10:24am
Hmmm - not sure how to get to the details of what you propose. The gist sounds just fine. And I prefer your basic (stated) approach. My 'atheism' is visible. I am 'out' wherever I go - even in my workplace. But I don't lead with my chin.

In the workplace, it is often best (regardless of your beliefs) to stay away from religion and politics until people are fully comfortable with you, confident in your work, and recognize you as ethical, kind, honest and all the basic, underlying, undeniable things you want them to associate with you. Then, when they get close enough, your 'outing' will happen in a context that will tend to work against any stereotypes. However, gay people will tell you that many people -even some who have told you they love you all your life - are perfectly capable of completely 'reassessing' you as 'evil' with the simple, immediate, and all-encompassing application of a bigoted stereotype.

But finding out that someone you like, love, and/or respect defies a stereotype you have is the most powerful and effective ways that stereotypes are destroyed. So let who you are create the context that helps define your atheism for people - don't let your atheism define who you are to them (if you can help it.)

Otherwise - yes - the world needs to wake up to a new view that god is not required for love, kindness, compassion, community, humanity, charity, sympathy, empathy, outreach, fairness, integrity, honesty, loyalty, trustworthiness, ethics, or any other noble aspect of human thought and action. I am with you all the way.



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