The Omnibus Bill: One Step Closer to State-Controlled Media

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's aggressive Media control shows up not only on Parliament, but now with the contemptuous 'Omnibus' bill. Its authors are either certifiably naive, or completely blinded by the tunnel light of state-controlled speech.


This covert piece of legislation that provisions warrant-less spying on Canadians, will inadvertently promote and vaccinate the next generation of surveillance-resistant citizenry. Count on it. Off-the-shelf, military-grade encryption software like 'Tor Browser' is a click away for any citizen that is concerned about such oppressive governance. Just as China has learned, Canada will also learn that censoring all forms of speech is virtually and technically impossible.


The internet does not see fictitious borders drawn on a map, and its elite citizenry will not tolerate spying at the keyboard level. Those that live by the sword will eventually fall upon it.


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