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Jesus Christ had seen many problems with Old religion Judaism as a young man of whom seemingly was a free thinker. Of who not only questioned his own religion but those of other surrounding cultures?

Israel was not cut off from the world traders from Asia and from the Roman empire would relate their own cultural beliefs when on their travels to and throw in the middle east. Greek philosophy and the philosophy’s of Asia would of course be a conversational norm in areas where the academically minded gathered.

There was very little schooling in Israel but knowledge could be gain by the inquisitive mind from the temple grounds. He learned people being the Rabbi’s the Jewish priest, from what we read in the New Testaments we can see that Jesus gleaned his education from the temple yards. There maybe of course visitors from Asia and the roman empire exploring the values of Judaism.

But the words and the wisdom and the extraordinary power of auditory qualities that Jesus Christ is seen to have indicates a education of more quality than leaned at the temple yards. It makes me wonder if he had a roman or rich Jewish sponsor that had sent him to valid places of learning such as in Greece, Rome or even India. What happened in those missing years that are not recorded and in any case there are doubts in my mind about his earlier years being a truthful account. I can not see how records could be so accurate to be written 45 years after his death. This was ancient time’s births and the recordings of peoples lives are only a record if the person had fame such as emperors and great statesmen or Philosophers and writers from elite families. Jesus Christ was recorded as a working man a carpenter the same trade as his step father. Prior to the day he started teaching his Philosophy he was an unknown entity.

What I can not understand is why this Philosopher did not write anything what’s so ever about his views and opinions of how we should live. Looking at the history and the eloquence of speech we can see Jesus Christ could read and was well educated to a point one would expect he could write. Or did he and the writings are lost or hidden?. Why I am mention the fact concerning writing is that Jesus Christ sermons are perfectly delivered and seemingly planned by an academic speaker, no slips up’s just such perfect delivery?

Its easy to see there is fabrication concerning each and everyone of the Gospels that silver and old has been added to raise Jesus Christ’s persona to that of Royalty and pure of the top goodness. But what has happen due to this embellishment his words have been lost and his goals have been changed and if you take away the magic, gold and silver you see the great Philosophy of some one that wanted peace on earth and to rid Israel of corruption Jewish and Roman from Israel.

Much of Jesus philosophy had been delivered in a form that is to far from what is possible without someone taking advantage of the philosophies weakness. Where as a line has to be drawn, how far one is prepared to go, to keep face and ones pride even the very meek human has pride. If we all lived by the examples he presented as his argument yes it would work. But in the world of reality we have to stand on middle ground so we can survive, because human kind can not be an un-selfish being we need to be selfish to obtain sustenance for our families and to keep as well and strong. For many this survival factor is geared to greedier level and some the greed is so powerful they have no heart.

(draft) Chapter to be continued……..

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