So enough with the suspense already, here's the first part of my plan:
So I'll fly to Spain in either February or March of 2012, volunteer for about a month, and then bike the pilgrimage trail, the Caminho, or Way of Saint James. I'm preparing for about two months. It'll be an adventure unlike any I've yet done!
Saint James is the patron Saint of travelers. It's said that the mere act of following this trail will forgive all your sins. As an atheist, I plan on doing the trail backwards. Aside from a laugh, this route will also have the more practical benefit of allowing me to meet more people than just the ones travelling at the same pace as me.
There are many areas of preparation. I need to make sure this is something I can do physically, mentally, and financially. Having this goal has been exciting for me and I've already noticed many changes in my life: I'm eating better, drinking less, and in the gym nearly every day. I will take you along my journey, both the pilgrimage itself and the preparation. I look forward to your comments all the way!

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Comment by mistercliff on August 28, 2011 at 6:48pm
@Steph_S. I'll be putting posts up here as often as I can, but the main place I am posting is my new blog



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