the welfare and food stamps
the rich dole out to these sows and studs
serves as the paddock’s lock
and the lure to lead them up the ramp
so the ones with promise
can be separated from the duds

each season they trim their herd
this one has a beauty
worth cultivating
this one is tall and quick enough
to play pro ball
here is a voice to make them even richer
if they decide to let it be heard
a few with minds worth exploiting
but these are the dangerous ones
so their numbers are kept small

then there are those fit to be nothing but cannon fodder
just smart enough to learn to take orders
but not so smart to question why the US borders
circle the world, an empire far, far larger
than just our fifty states

most of them are left behind
turned loose in the wild, wild streets
they live a life of horror
they cluster together in gangs
and churches to survive

but the cruelest cut of all’s
how the rich split the poor in half
the whites fearing colors,
the colors hating whites
the deliberate installation
of the very thing
they say they hate

until we, the poor of this country
the livestock rejected at the gate
the left behind
the true poor
the poverty that goes on for generations
and the only thing we have to leave our children
when it’s their turn to step up to the plate

and so we’ll stay this way
until we learn that white’s a color, too
and skin don’t make the man
admit we have a common foe
for the enemy of my enemy
is my friend

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