The Pope John Paul II needed our help! He was a self harmer!

In The Name Of the Whip, and of the Flail and of the ...OUCH THAT HURT!

Can it really be said that one who locks himself away in a room, takes a whip or a flail that he has hanging in his closet, kneels or sits and begins beating himself is psychologically healthy? Is it not a sign of distress? Would it not be thought of as a 'cry for help', if you will allow me the cliche, to cause your self physical harm because of an inflicted guilt complex? Imagine you entered a room to find your grandfather in his room beating himself in the head with his fist because he felt a burden on the family who looked after him? Would we praise him? Would we say that what he'd done was not only okay, but worthy of praise, indeed the highest praise?
At current the Vatican, or jesus HQ as I like to call it, is deciding wether or not to make the ex-Pope John Paul II a saint or not. During the deliberations and hearings, one Polish nun, Sister Sobodka, another deluded soul or a charlatan, reports that when she stayed in a room by him, "that the blows could be heard from outside the room..." as he whipped him self. He also whipped him self for his sins, he would whip himself before appointing Bishops. He was a self harmer.
Please picture with me, your own elderly relatives beating them selves for upsetting you? Imagine how mortified you'd be if you thought you were responsible for this piteous masochism? And would you want him or her to harm them self? Would you accept that as an apology? I think no. For any one who told an elderly relative or any one of any age to "beat your self, the harder the better and I MIGHT forgive you if you beg enough!" would be unthinkable with out one thing... Religion.
Yet the "good" Sister Tobiana Sobodka's evidence was held of further proof of the Pope's greatness!
Do we see in this the proof of "Christian peace of mind"? Christianity is a sadistic, masochistic, self centred religion of self loathing, even it's archetypes are sickened by feeling of worthlessness to the point of lifelong self harm and flagellation and self serving delusion. How else could a panel of people hear this and NOT see it as wrong? Christianity praises what is a mental health problem, it gives out awards for delusion and repays knowledge with lies and suprstitious tales of punishment to the credulous, the gullible or the kind hearted yet misguided. Shall we all convert and spend years hating our self for "the lord"? Or shall we all work not to dialogue with religion but to destroy it? I know what I think.

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Comment by Mark on January 31, 2010 at 1:16pm
Self loathing as a virtue?
Comment by Michelle on January 30, 2010 at 7:57pm
Takes 'don't beat yourself up over it' to a whole new level. (sorry, I couldn't resist)



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