It's actually amazing to me, that this group "Ananda" writes this on their website and publishes it. It is so culty, it makes my toenails curl up.

What is Tithing?

Tithing is a spiritual practice, just like prayer or meditation. It is the regular act of giving the "first fruits" of your labors to God.

The root of the word “tithe” means "tenth." Traditionally, tithing means giving the first 10% of your earnings to God.

Our tithe is not just another financial obligation. It is an act of faith, based on the divine truth that everything we have comes from God's hands. Tithing comes before paying other bills.

If you want to invite God more fully into your life through the practice of tithing, begin now. Chose a level you can sustain with regularity. In your heart, make an agreement with God on a percentage of your income you will give to Him.

As you tithe, whatever worries you may have around money will begin to melt away. You will feel increasingly relaxed in your new relationship with the Divine Source of all abundance. Gratitude and love will flow freely through the newly open window to His grace.

As with many things in life, the direction of your energy is more important than the perfect achievement of your ideals. At the beginning, to tithe 10% may seem foolhardy, but at the end, you will feel foolhardy NOT to tithe 10%!

Since it is not possible to give to God "directly," we tithe to His work, or to the source of our inspiration. To help inspire others to seek God is God's work.

The practice of tithing has many benefits. The most important of them is developing a friendship with God. Through tithing, we allow Him to demonstrate to us His constant care - sometimes dramatically, at other times more subtly. As our faith develops, we give ourselves into His hands ever more completely.
The practice of tithing has no equal in helping us feel close to God as we earn our living, and through all other ways of being active in this world.


What's worse is the FAQ section:

Can My Tithe Be In The Form Of Service?

No, not truly. Service helps to spiritualize our attitude toward work, whereas tithing helps to spiritualize our attitude toward money. It would be akin to hoping that exercising hard on the right side of your body will strengthen the left side as well.

Tithing, like service, is an opportunity to give. They are, however, different from each other. Often, it is harder for people to tithe than to serve. We have to "give up" our hard-earned money (at least that's how we think of it), and too often, the desire to give service instead is a rationalization against what seems to be a larger sacrifice.

But the truth is, the more we give freely for ourselves, the more joy we experience! Thus, "the larger sacrifice” becomes the ever expanding source of joy.

Can I Direct How My Tithe Is Being Used?

The tithe is God’s and so it is God’s to use. When we tithe, we should relinquish any thought of it belonging to us. Tithing is an act of faith and includes the faith that those who handle the tithes will use them as God wishes.


And it includes the faith that those who handle the tithes will use them as God wishes... LOL

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Comment by Ute Mitchell on November 24, 2008 at 7:30pm
A definite possibility, but I usually like to donate by service. I know that volunteers are always needed... no matter what organization. They're always struggling to find enough volunteers to help out. :)
Comment by Ute Mitchell on November 24, 2008 at 4:52pm
The thing is, there CAN only be misusing... but then, I'm an atheist, so I don't get it anyway, right? ;)
Comment by Ute Mitchell on November 24, 2008 at 4:52pm
I agree. 10% into savings is a great plan. But to hand it over to those people, and then trust faithfully that they wont mis-use it... that's just weird (to say the least).
Comment by Daley on November 24, 2008 at 4:46pm
Absolute cult.
In my former church we attended a class called 10/10/80.
This taught to give 10% for your tithe, 10% for your offerings and how to learn how to use 80% of your income for living expenses. If you couldn't do that, you were living too frivolously.
Although cult, the concept can be used nicely for savings if you don't tie this with imaginary beings. I find that saving 10% of your income and then living off of 90% is a decent plan. No money hungry imaginary friends needed.



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