The Probability of an All Out Nuclear War and Exchange...

Having worked for the pentagon and the Dept. of Defense early in life I still wonder and think about this.

Seems to me that as the population increases and resources decrease that the probability of an all out nuclear exchange goes up.

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Comment by Grinning Cat on August 14, 2013 at 9:23am

Eliminating those "mind viruses" won't be easy. Those religious/nutty belief systems make their hosts view everything through a confirmation filter.

If any evidence challenges or denies the religious teachings, it's a trick of the devil. If the faith causes the believer trouble in life, it also teaches that they will be persecuted for it, and they need to stand firm. (Besides, real life isn't as important as the promised afterlife, pie in the sky when you die.)

Comment by Michael Penn on August 14, 2013 at 6:54am

I read the article and share your concern. It seems indeed that everything only gets worse along our path of possible world destruction, but these days things have changed. When I was a kid the "enemy" was Russia, and we had to "protect ourselves from godless communism." It made perfect sense then to politicos and the religious right. Today America and Russia are sort of like "watchdogs" for and  against each other. Politics goes on as usual, but the real dangers in the world are religious nutjobs worldwide from every persuasion. 9/11 and other attacks prove this point very well as world governments try to infiltrate movements and stop this violence. The nutjobs get closer to building a bomb while each of them knows that "their religion is the correct one." That is scarey enough, but it gets worse when you realize that America's religious right believes that the last book in their Bible is talking about an "end time when the nukes fly." This tells me that all religious nutjobs are equally the same and very dangerous.

It's time for everyone to change their thinking. A good way to start is to take religion out of the picture. Unfortunately, it's a "one person at a time" solution to our problems.



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