The Problem Eliminators! by Steve Nelson

The Problem Eliminators! © 2012 by Steve Nelson

  An Action/Adventure story about a group of fictional retired military men, who band together to hunt down Drug Lords and traitorous U.S. Government officials! Featuring the fantastic submarine, The Barracuda! Like Amer-I-Can James Bond’s, The Problem Eliminators!  Strike without warning! Hard, fast and deadly!

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Story Sample:

The Problem Eliminators!

© 2012 By Steve Nelson

Sample Chapters, Please Enjoy!

Chapter 1   A Drug Lord’s Yacht

   I had just finished measuring the depth of water in relationship to this yachts’ keel. I noted my measurements on my waterproof note pad and I climbed aboard. I stowed my underwater gear in a handy alcove that I spotted near my entry point there on the starboard deck and I covered it up with a loose section of tarp.

  Next I made my way stealthily inside this fancy millionaire’s yacht. I was silent. I had been trained as a navy seal and stealthy type of work was our business. But I’ll let you know more about that later.

  I made my way about the interior corridors of this floating mansion and checked out compartments as I went. It wasn’t long before I found the main cabin and I could hear sounds of laughter coming from beyond the doorway.

  Carefully I loaded my mini cam with a fresh cartridge and held it in my palm. I pointed the flexible lens into the half open doorway to the cabin. I moved the camera about slowly so as to get a complete record of all its occupants for my Captain. I made sure to survey the entire cabin from side to side and top to bottom. Then I pulled back and ducked around into an empty cabin nearby.

  I activated the instant replay of the cam and observed the contents so as to know for sure if I needed to go on further in my investigation, or if this was another false lead.

  Sure enough, the image of one of the most despicable drug lords appeared on my mini screen. My captain was right again, there he was, the hated drug lord Jose Garza El Jalapeno, alias the (Little Pepper). Also present and stoned out of their minds were 3 women.

   They had just snorted a few more lines of cocaine, there on the table between them. Jose was also stoned and he enjoyed the sight of his women getting their minds blown away in a haze of a drug influenced high. While my mini cam had been on them, he was seen stripping off the clothing of one of the women closest to him. They were just getting going! This would go on for a while!

   I retreated down another corridor, and went below to other decks, and explored more cabins and storage rooms of this floating mansion of the drug lord. At all times I stayed clear of the bridge area, as there were a number of drug goons there. I have a heat sensing device that I can wave by doors and easily check for the presence of human habitation. I used it often on this mission, as I went throughout the yacht. I have used it on many other missions as well.  

  So after examining quite a number of cabins with no results except lockers of food stuffs and other consumables along with cleaning products and linens, I discovered a locked cabin. I stealthily and efficiently picked the lock, in about 5 seconds. Inside I found a stash! Yes, ‘The Stash’ of this drug lord’s main business product. Wrapped in plastic sealed bags were hundreds of pounds of cocaine and some of the green stuff as well. I ran my razor sharp blade about the packets of dope puncturing most all of them thoroughly.

  Hastily I stowed several packets of cash with large denominations into special storage pouches on my wetsuit. “Well that’ll be enough to compensate us for this trip I guess,” I whispered to myself. I photographed the lot with my mini cam and made a quick exit and headed for other sections of this big ship.

  I came upon what was the communications center of the yacht, and I set up an overload to burn out the communications console in the next few minutes. Then I went about exploring further.

  It wasn’t long that I came across the radio man returning to his post with a cup in one hand and a sandwich in the other. I had to dispatch him without a sound, so I waited till he passed and gave him a quick karate blow to the back of the neck and head. He was out instantly, and I drug him into a storage locker, where he was out of sight. I also gave him a knock out injection to keep him out for as long as I needed.

  Continuing aft I came to the engine room. I set some small charges about the instrumentation panels there, and timed them to go off just shortly after my return to my ship. Then I headed up a shaft that I knew would take me to the helipad, where this fancy yacht had a chopper secured. My purpose, disable that chopper!

  Upon arrival at the helipad, I found a goon on duty. Was he the pilot or just another drug goon in the employ of the Little Pepper? Whichever he was, it was really unimportant, as he needed to go! I snuck right up and gave him a right cross that dazed him, and I gave him a heave, and over the side he went! He bubbled a bit and then was gone. “Can’t swim, shouldn’t be on a boat,” I mumbled quietly.

  I climbed into the pilots’ seat, and cut some important control wires under the instrument panel. “Now this chopper won’t lift a feather!” I whispered to myself.

  I headed down through the yacht one more time. I was, on my way to my stashed underwater gear, at my entry point on the starboard bow. I wanted to check again, because I thought that I had heard something off the main corridor.

  Arriving at the suspect door, I paused a few moments, and listened carefully. Sure enough, I heard a whimpering cry of some sort. I carefully opened the door, to find there on a bed, in the semi darkness a very pretty young girl. She was bound and gagged!

   I couldn’t risk a lot of sound, so I removed another hypodermic from my emergency medical kit. I fitted the needle with my knock out drug cartridge, called K14, and gave the girl an injection. Instantly she went out like a light. I took a few minutes to check her breathing and heart rate. They were just fine.

   I checked the corridor and hauled her out of there, heading for my date with my equipment. I was almost there, when I ran across another goon just examining my stashed equipment. I put down the girl and slammed into the drug goon! I gave him two rapid fire punches to the head, and a jab at the throat! He began to wheeze unable to get air, as I had smashed or severely damaged his larynx. Then I gave him too, the heave ho, and over the side he went!

  Then I strapped on my underwater gear, cutaway the gag from the girls’ face, and fastened a small breather unit, capable of 15 minutes of air over her face. I fastened us a line and carefully I went over the side holding the girl securely. She was light weight for me to handle, because I’m used to rather heavy weights in my usual daily workout. Upon reaching the water, she became limp and even lighter. I checked that her breather was in place and then took her under for my next date with my waiting underwater sub scooter!

  I found my sub scooter right where it was supposed to be, trailing  just aft of the slow moving yacht. I strapped the girl onto the sub scooter, and then I saddled up myself in the drivers harness. I cut the tow line and dove the sub scooter. I set my course and jammed down on the accelerator, heading in quick time for my next most important of dates, my ship.

  The sub scooter with us aboard rocketed away at top speed. My sub scooter was like an underwater Motor Cycle, it was fast! We’d reach my ship in a matter of minutes. This was good as the girls’ air only had about 11 minutes left in its supply.   

  I didn’t know who she was, but I was glad to have rescued her and yes, she was young and quite lovely to see, with her hair flowing in the water as we sped toward my waiting ship. My Captain would be dealing with Jose shortly, as soon as I made my report. He would also be happy with my efforts this evening. Yes, very happy! 



Chapter 2   Our Outfit and Ship

    I guess you probably want to know just about now, who we are and or generally all about us and especially our ship? Well let me start with my Captain.

   His name is Captain Norman Mitchell. He was an Admiral with the U.S. Navy some time ago. He had a similar incident in his past as we all have had. As an Admiral, he was in charge of nuclear submarines. He was also the Captain of one, some years before, the SSN41. There was a hard tragedy in his life that brought him and all of us to this life we now pursue.

  While he was at sea, his son and daughter were brutally murdered in a drive by shooting between rival drug gangs in Houston Texas. He took a leave of absence for over 1 year, while he sorted this out in his mind and then returned to the service. He was promoted to Admiral and he put into operation his well thought out plan.

  Yes as I said, we all have had a similar tragedy befall us in our lives. For me it was my wife and daughter. Literally snatched off the street one night, and found dead some months later in a ditch. Their bodies had been pumped full of heroin and used by numerous men and then their throats had been cut. They were then dumped where a boy scout later found them. Instead of sitting at home, I had been out for days on end, assisting search teams combing the countryside when they were found.

  I could go on and on about the tragedy that has befallen each one of us in this command. But that would belabor the point. The point is we are all here for 1 mission. We are dedicated! We are one in

our cause! We are here to rid the world of the awful scourge of drugs, and all those who deal in them. Even whenever possible, the government officials who have for much of the time, been the ‘Best Customers’ of these drug barons that have hold of our planet.

  And who am I? I am Dave ‘The Dude’ Wilson. I was a Navy Seal. I participated in numerous actions, while I was on active duty and then my tragedy struck. I almost lost it! Then one day Admiral Mitchell found me. I was a total wreck! Kindly he talked with me and when I was able, he presented me with his plan.

  One by one he recruited each of us. All of us that make up the crew of this vessel, as with the Admiral at the time, were on the edge of self destruction. Our common cause saved us.  With our vessel we are on the job of ridding the world of every drug baron we can find!

  And what vessel is that you may ask? As an Admiral, Mitchell was in charge of mothballing all old navy vessels, and when SSN41 came up for his attention. The admiral saw to it personally and officially the SSN41 disappeared off navy records as having been disposed of.

  The Admiral had already recruited me and a number of others, and so we sailed the SSN41 to an uncharted, unnamed island off the Florida coast. The Admiral resigned his commission and joined us later. While we waited for the Admiral, we went to work on the SSN41.

  Admiral Mitchell was also a brain when it came to engineering and nuclear physics. He laid out a plan for us and the ship, and we just followed it to the letter. When we left to supposedly sink the SSN41, we took with us tons of materials that we would need to set up a base at the unnamed island and transform the SSN41. We were stacked to the rafters with material. There wasn’t much room to even move around, we were loaded with so much stuff.

  Upon our arrival at the island, we unloaded and set about following the Admirals plan. First we armored the ship with an extra housing of armor, well beyond the already nicely maintained pressure hull of the SSN41. Then we completely remodeled the sail giving it a low profile and added streamlined forward diving planes. Overarching all the ship, we added a special, hardened steel saw tooth and diamond coated, retractable ridge. Designed by the Admiral, much like the fictional Nautilus envisioned by Jules Verne.

  Day and night the welding torches blazed and the sounds of metal being worked never stopped. When the Admiral came, we added under his direction a particle beam weapon and a special water jet engine, which would increase the SSN41’s speed to well over 40 knots submerged and maybe as high as over 50 on the surface!

  The power source for the SSN41 was originally nuclear. But the Admiral had something much more powerful and safe to use in mind. Water! The Admiral devised from some old plans, a hydrogen generator. These plans, Navy Intelligence had stolen from the Army. The US Government originally stole the plans from an inventor in 1998, which they promptly had killed. The Admiral honored the inventor, a Mr. Meyers, by installing his system onboard our ship and improving it tremendously! The ‘Meyers Hydro Generator’ now powered our ship. Thus the SSN41 now had virtually unlimited power safely!

  Each crewman of the ship came bringing his own expertise in whatever he had specialized in while with the navy, or whatever service or walk of life that he came from. Admiral Mitchell gathered the best available, wherever he went and did his recruiting. The Admiral himself maintained a special contact at the navy department that provided timely intelligence to us about probable targets. But we have never made a move without checking things out for ourselves first! Government people, as could anyone, could always become compromised.

  The SSN41 was stuffed with the latest in detection, sensory and communication equipment. Our ship would be a computer hackers dream! Admiral, now Captain Mitchell thought of everything! Plus along with our particle beam weapon, we had a few old fashioned torpedoes too. And don’t forget, the best friend of any army in the field. We had a supply of recently misplaced shoulder launched surface to air missiles.

  Gathering us all together before our first voyage, (several years ago), the Admiral said; “Now don’t call me Admiral anymore, as I have resigned my commission. Just call me Captain as that’s all I want to be from now on.” With murmuring discussion we all agreed.

  “The next Item gentleman is we need a name for our new vessel,” said the Captain. “I’ll entertain any and all suggestions.”

  The discussion went round and round and lots of names were suggested; Shark, Tiger Shark, Swordfish, Sea Wolf, Stingray, Sea Shark, Harpoon, Vengeance, Apollo, Hydra, even Nautilus. This kind of a decision was a bit of a tough nut.

  After some lengthy discussion, the Captain finally said, “All your suggestions are really great, but I believe I have the perfect name for our boat. It is a name that will strike fear into the hearts of all those who deal in the death of the drug trade, when they eventually learn of us. It is a name of probably the deadliest fish ever known, and I think it fits us for our purpose to a tee. I propose that we name our ship, The Barracuda.”

  We all thought a moment and I spouted off almost simultaneously with several others, “Yes Sir, that sounds Great!”

  So our black invisible to radar ship was christened, The Barracuda.

  The name really stuck and gave the crew, who worked so hard in building her, a special bond with the boat. We have worked hard as a team, in making our ship live up to its name too.

  With our water jet engine off, intake vents closed, and the overhead blade retracted, The Barracuda could glide underwater like a bird in the upper atmosphere for a long, long while. This was due to its extremely streamlined shape & when speed was needed!

  To my knowledge, way back then and even now, the drug lords still don’t know about us. All they know is that several yachts with drug kingpins aboard, have met with mysterious ends. They haven’t put 2 and 2 together yet, and we aim to keep it that way for as long as possible. We strike without warning! Like the Barracuda; hard, fast and deadly!


Now Ready, The Problem Eliminators! By Steve Nelson, Is Action and Adventure to the Extreme on sea and land! Over 30,000 Action words with exciting pictures as well! 

Order advanced copies at just $19.95 from: Steve Nelson ~ 464 East 1750 North ~ North Ogden, Utah 84414 ~ 801-782-4827

***The Problem Eliminators! by Steve Nelson will soon be an ebook available at Smashwords.


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