The Prophet George Bush Hears From Beyond the Stars

01 Holocaust (2).mp3

Could A World So Beautiful Just have Happened

* The Photo was taken five years ago in Swanton, Vermont*

Hope you enjoy The Holocaust New age Composition. The composition sends chills through me and I composed it all cosmic reverberations coming through quantum channels, beyond the stars.

After all if George Bush can hear from beyond the stars, why not I? (satire)

That we can abstract and freely associate one part of consciousness with another, does seem a gift from some higher intelligence. I hope the music gives you a feeling of hopelessness , anguish, betrayal the innocent victims of the holocaust felt.. It is said in many of the camps, the living admired the dead.

How then can we reconcile such demons? Is there any explanation outside of a theistic rationalization?

Could there be forgiveness for such a violation to humanity itself?

The question clergy have never been able to answer , if God is good, why the existence of evil. The fact God is good and allows a barbarity of the Holocaust directed largely at HIS people, confounds negates the premise.

Beauty, is in the gem, the Universe and the human body. I sing of the body electric, Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass

However, not everyone appreciates nature and not every philosopher sang of its glories. I especially acknowledge Whitman's cosmic inclusion of mankind and all of Nature as one. Was Whitman an atheist?

The fusion and complete integration of a God as power for good and love , and one who created all things, including floods and earth quakes, isn't a problem theists can easily deal with, without sounding contradictory and silly.

The questions perhaps have no answers because they are based on all the wrong assumptions. For example, if God is good and in his heaven be right with the world? Would theists not need to reconcile God's assumed goodness, her control of the Universe and the unspeakable suffering that exists all about us?

Could we maintain God is good and still acknowledge the Holocaust? The simplistic answer, is evil exists in the world and God did not perpetrate the holocaust. The evil came from the human heart, from German nationalisms and a very base and universally shared human desire to dominate and kill in the absence of any counter force to prevent such behavior.

The logic of the foregoing ofcourse begs the question. How could God permit the Holocaust if she is all powerful and good.

The answer is there is no She, there is the cold and barren truth, morality is a human invention. The Universe as a Natural phenomena is indifferent, to human survival or its sufferings. Nature can bestow life and fertility and in the next moment destroy that very good with ashe.

Until the final day when cosmologists proclaim the Sun shall envelop the Earth, the greatest instrument for happiness and the good will be human enlightenment and empathy for our fellow creatures and ourselves.

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Comment by Gary Epstein on February 21, 2010 at 2:57pm
Nate I agree. It makes me wonder or perhaps, know, why the world is as it is. For example I recall in the 1970's I belonged to Zero Population Growth. I was told by a preacher, God will never allow the world to become over populated. HE gave us this earth as our home.

Now, this came at a time where India was hopeless and well as Hatii. What was his answer, these are NOT god's people. If they would follow Scripture, land and food as the parable of the loaves and fishes would bless their land.

I agree, this is so dumb and in denial, it goes a loop beyond pathological.

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