I took my niece to the movies during the holiday. I've been ruminating on it ever since. It's a great flick all in all. But there were two parts that really bothered me. 

    The first was during the huge character establishment song "Let it go." This is probably my favorite song from any movie ever. Near the end right after the magic costume change when Elsa walks toward the camera and suddenly has an exaggerated hip sway. Initially it stuck in my mind because I think it looks horrible given Elsa's very pronounced neotenic characteristics.

    Two days later my 4 year old niece (who loves to sing and dance) was singing that song and imitated that hip sway. 

    The second scene was during the introduction. I wasn't bothered at first. This idea had to germinate for a few weeks. After the accident there are a series of short scenes showing Elsa's parents teaching her how to conceal her nature. It dawned on me how horrible and wretchedly the parents hurt Elsa - it is quite fitting that they die in Act I.

    Elsa's parents were more concerned with society than their daughter. Ostensibly this is because of accident. But really the accident was the hammer they used to drive Elsa's square peg into the round hole the daughter they wanted. They let Elsa bear the burden. Even if Elsa's parents were kind and loving with the best intentions they are still guilty of thoughtlessness in their utter lack of empathy in relating to a developing person who lacks adult judgment, reasoning, logic, and emotional strength. 

Imagine the same movie but now Elsa is homosexual instead of magical. Or what if the accident instead was with a kitchen knife instead of magic.  It is ridiculous and irrational to think of parents repressing sexuality or banning all kitchen tools. Elsa accidentally hurt her sister because her parents failed to teach or supervise her properly.

    I think it takes a very cruel desensitized person to guilt a child for an adult failure. The parents are the villains. Good riddance. 

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