The reason behind Catholic Clerical Pedophilia

Why are there so many Catholic priests who molest little children, especially boys, all around the world?

I'll start a list:
1. Their religion forbids them to marry or engage in sexual activity. They are to be celibate for life, or risk losing their careers and livelihood and dignity. Is this not already a sick act? It is unnatural and inhuman to forbid someone from EVER engaging in any sexual activity for fear of burning forever in hell. They instead become sick repressed individuals whose sex lives have been ruined by the Church.

2. They have control over children. Priests are often alone with kids. They are their confessors, their choir instructors, their Biblical guides. The children will either fear him or respect him and admire him a lot. They are vulnerable to being terrified into silence by this. The priest risks a lot less risk of discovery than if he'd have just gone to a male prostitute (ask Ted Haggard).

3. Many of them are just pedophiles. When in a final explosion, that is only natural to expect of a sick individual, that pushes them finally to any sexual contact, the cowards go for the easiest route: the children, the weakest target and the least-likely to cause discovery. If we're going to have a sex offender registry, people like this need to put on it. They do not need to be put in situations where they could be in control of children.

4. Christianity is sado-masochistic. According to the teachings of Christianity, every single one of us drove the nails through Jesus. We were complicit in his execution and his spilled blood. So every Sunday at mass we should drink the blood and eat the flesh, which sounds so much like nothing more than a masochistic ritual. We helped kill him so now he is our savior, and we have to drink his blood and praise him eternally for how good he was to us. We are sick, depraved people who can only be saved if we accept Jesus Christ as our lord and savior. That is the world-view of a Catholic priest, who worships that God that has himself tortured (Jesus is God after all) and forces all of us to praise him for doing that to himself and for saving us from his own wrath.

I could go on, but this is my main view of why child molestation is especially rampant among Catholic priests.

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