The Religious Disappointment

The Christian religion have been known to all ; as the most reliable and sensible worship in the world. People have relied on this god of the holy bible for their ups and downs of life turmoil . The Christian religion was brought to the world ; by an man who is thought to be the true son ,of an so called god . Once Herod and Pontius Pilate heard of a man claiming to be the coming of the messiah. They and the temple ; then seek to destroy this man ; because they believed that those who speak against the temple traditional teaching, should be killed. In the end , crucifixion was the result to Jesus and his apostles. The illogical holy bible ;and its non-realistic commandments ; was well within their rights to crucify Jesus and his entourage. However, the disciplinary action for blasphemy ; does lack good ethics and morals; because of the act of murder , out of jealously and disagreeability on the bases of religions. It is displaying that ,there is no freedom to live in peace unless one is submissive to this so called god; whom in which, have no evidence of an true existence. The existence of this supernatural being, is speculative to the seen eye; of an found illogical existence. The bible speculation is not tangible ;it believes that true love can only be felt by the administration of the so called god. It's proposing, that an unseen love is greater then the human individual love that one has for another . How can this so called supreme being, give an untouched love ; to one who have never engaged in; it’s unseen and unheard of . Over the years there have not yet been an unseen love ,that did not love already before . One must see, touch , feel and hear the others intent to love another. Love is tangible ;clarified most often as intimate, personal and traditional. Do you viewer, go by the temples version of disciplinary action, that is reflecting his or her jealously immoral ways of dealing with someone else's form of discipline methods; and can true love be heard from this god, to whom can serve him according to the gods holy doctrine?

By Zhi Y. Zhang (zhiyah) (Alfreda P. Howard)

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Comment by Kenneth W Stephens on February 10, 2010 at 11:42am
If I had any disagreement with you, it would be on the presumption of the Jesus character of canonized scripture as historical. Only Herod and Pilate can be verified as historical.



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