The religous base have a lot in comin with Zombies

DISCLAIMER: I do not actually believe in Zombies because if i did I might as well believe in the tooth fairy.

I just had a wild idea today while i was thinking about characteristics of religious fanatics and i noticed a lot of my examples came back with similarity's to what I think relate to Zombies.

Some Zombie Characteristics:
-Minimal Intelligence
-Made the way they are by other Zombies (spread the condition onto innocent uninfected hosts)
-Dangerous in large numbers

and my favorite

-Hard to destroy (without the right tools)

Lets examine each of these characteristics in general and compare them to the faithful.

Minimal Intelligence:

There have been multiple studies done on the question "Do people who belive in god(s) have a lower average intelligence than those who do not?" Well from all of the impartial results I have seen it showed that the devout were on average 6 IQ points lower than a non-theist. This leads me to believe that all people who come to be religious on there own merits and not through specific upbringing have a good chance of either having a had a brain infection or talking a swift blow to the head.


Just like a Zombie would try to eat you without a the use a lower jaw that had been taken off with a shotgun. Religious people claim and attempt to do things that are impossible like talk to god or preform believe in the existence of miracles.

Made the way they are by other Zombies:

Religious people often without the slightest thought to the damage they do to there young (and other peoples) when it comes to passing on these crazy harmful ideas. And the worst part the usual excuse is "that is what I was brought up to believe". So you pose the question...IF you were not brought up that way then would you believe in god? Every time I have ever asked this question a religious person they come out and say that they would still have the same beliefs they had now even though this is highly unlikely. I remember seeing a picture that Richard Dawkins showed in one of his speeches that related to were you were born and how that related to what religion you adhere to. This is not the same map but its serves the purpose.

So if by there own reasoning they if being a Christian from Canada and the were instead born in China they would condemned themselves to eternal hellfire. Thats the worst part about what they are doing to youths a lot of them do not even know why or taht they are at all pushing there dogma on the young and innocent.
Dangerous in large numbers:

When a large group of religous people converge dangerous things happen like...

Genocide and every other "cide" word that we have in the English language.

Hard to destroy:

Before Darwin and even further back the theists had a lot of ammunition against reason and science but we have gotten better. We have evolved the tools through scientific means to detroy all of there aguments just like if there were Zombies they would be no match for a tank or jet fighter amoung other things.

So there you go my quick rundown on why Theists and Zombies have a lot in common...try not to get to close...

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