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every just want to get up and go towards a new life a new start? do you ever feel that something has to just give ? to make something happen that you truly and honestly want it. it  has to take work and effort of some sort. life is a series of conversations i was once told  and i believe that. the more people that you talk to the more things seem to happen life seems to fallow an order to a  of  community  like one verbal chain reaction leads to the psychical action. the more you act the more a shift happens in your  life there is not a name that i can really place on this process but there is  something to it .action speaks louder than words  but the words have had to speak to the action in the first place. i my self feel better after takeing  action on something that has bin in my head for hours or sometimes days, there is a certan calm that i feel after doing something that was weighing on my mind. do you like me feel this way? is there a process that you use to get what you want out of life? do share.

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Comment by Tam on April 22, 2011 at 3:16am
When I was younger I wanted to get away from my life from the pressure and demands but I don't think it really goes away, I was looking to escape but you can't keep running to a new life everytime something goes wrong. So I try to carefully think about where my life could possibly go for better or worse when I make a decision that will result in big changes in life. When you say actions speak louder than words, in my mind I think of the difference between theory and practice. Everything is possible in theory, I can make it to the top of the mountain in my mind but when I practice will my legs hurt so much that I will give up? I often look for a special balance in my life, I want to think but not so long that I waste the day, I want to act but I don't want to take actions without taking the time to consider the consequences of what I do. When I think about the meaning of my life. I do a little reading on existential philosophy. I have to give myself a purpose to guide my actions. I may not get what I want out of life: the girl, the job, success, whatever. The journey I made wherever it took me if I failed or succeeded gave me a meaningful existence.

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