Imagine if you were to be owned and held as property.  Imagine being controlled and told what to do, how to act, and how to think everyday . What if your livelihood depended so much on another person that thinking of freeing yourself only served to enhance feelings of helplessness ?   How would you feel if the very thought of the consequential results that would be triggered if you even attempted to challenge or free yourself from this slavery provided you a sense of normalcy with being owned by another person?  Think about being encompassed   by a fear of punishment  so great that the thought of not obeying orders  set forth by your owner  makes you cringe.  You are a slave.  However, this is not 1812, this is 2012. 

Slavery is very much alive in the America just as it was in 1812. It is not the type of slavery that prohibits you from choosing where to work, where to live or even where to travel.  It is not the type of slavery that initiates physical harm.  The type of slavery I am speaking about is the slavery of the mind owned by religion.   Slavery is defined as a system under which people are treated as property to be bought and sold and forced to work.


 In order for something to be property, it must be seen as any physical or intangible entity that is owned by a person or jointly by a group of people or a legal entity like a corporation.  Your mind is your property.  It  belongs to you.  It is an intangible asset that you use to remain competitive and make decisions that effect you and the society you live in.  No one has a right to your mind or a right to tell you what you should or shouldn’t think.  Your mind and the knowledge that you feed it is the single most important piece of property you will ever own.   If you lose your job, you can find another one.  If you lose your house, you can buy another one. If you lose your car, you can buy another one.  If you lose your mind, you cannot replace it. 

Bought and Sold

Religion is in the business of owning and controlling your most valuable asset, your mind. When you allow yourself to be controlled by religion and belief, you are allowing the religion to own it.  They discourage you from filling your mind with knowledge and in return enslave it by buying it with ignorance  and guilt.  They then sell you false promises of an extended life.  Your emotional  and behavioral livelihood  is forfeited to them and they are the sole providers for all of your answers.  You no longer seek to learn truths about this beautiful life or find your inner strength naturally, but instead hand the logical and rational part of your mind over to them.  They store it away and keep it from you.  They know that if you were to find it again, your mind will search for the Harriet Tubman of knowledge.  Religion suppresses your desire for truth and keeps you enslaved by slashing you with the whip of guilt and fear.  So you keep waking up everyday, your mind enslaved by religion and deprived of knowledge.  In fact, you confuse religion with knowledge and have lost the ability to distinguish the two entities.  Religion has become the source of all your knowledge and all knowledge is derived from religion. 

Forced to Work

The slavery of your mind owned by religion becomes a way for religion to control your behaviors.  You stop reading any books that may free you from being enslaved and begin to read their religious book.  You are forced to read it, forced to hear it and forced not to question it.  You are forced to spread the word and forced to indoctrinate your children so that their minds are enslaved with religion and deprived of knowledge.  You are told that you must spread the information in this book to be saved from the slavery. 

Road to Freedom

The only way to free yourself of this slavery of the mind is to open the underground railroad to knowledge about life, death and the natural universe.  One of the most effective ways to keep a person enslaved is to keep them illiterate.  In the real application of slavery in our past, slave owners saw a slave’s ability to read as a threat.  Slave owners of the past knew that if a slave gained knowledge, they gained power because that knowledge can be utilized to work in the slaves favor and possibly work to achieve power, influence and eventually freedom.  The religious slave owners are no different.  They want to keep their followers scientifically and historically illiterate.  They do not encourage their slaves to learn things on their own.  They would never ask their slaves to read Darwin, Gibbons or Democritus.  They don’t encourage their slaves to explore every part of their religious text.  They choose which ones to read and which ones their slaves should read.   The religious slaves rely on their slave owners to interpret the texts for them and accept it from authority.  The only way a religious slave will break free from the chains of their slave owners is to become scientifically and historically literate.  It is only then when  they can unmask the slavery of dogma and gain intellectual and rational freedom.      

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