I have a couple of questions about the social gaming habits of my fellow atheists. (I'll post my own habits after the questions.)

(1) What games, if any do you play online?
(2) What sort of organizations are you involved with in the game(s) you play online? (Clan, Guild, whatever)
(3) How does the social interactions you have while playing affect your gaming experience?
(4) What would you think about Atheist, or Atheism, -centric gaming groups in game? (Clans, Guilds, etc) Why?
(5) How many people do you know outside of gaming that play the same online games you play? How many of those people are other atheists/agnostics/whatever? How many people in your local group do you know that play some online game or games?

I play some FPS on Xbox, but my connection is pretty crap due to my location, so I tend to get too frustrated to play often. Additionally, I have roommates who feel they have some right to use the internet they help pay for- no idea what gave them that misperception- which further degrades my connection statistics. I play at odd times and not as often as I did when I lived alone.

I also play World of Warcraft (WoW). I started because I knew several people IRL who played, and eventually they wore me down. I got into PvP and absolutely fell in love with the complexity and intensity of the game. I play Horde- bec ause the Alliance is pampered children, duh- on Laughing Skull (US). My main is a level 80 Tauren Feral(cat) Druid named Nodivinity, and my alt is a level 70 Undead Holy Priest named Antitheistic. (I have several lesser alts that I almost never play, almost all with some sort of atheist themed name.)

Nod is currently in a guild getting prepared for the new Rated BG system in Cataclysm. I was in a great social guild a year ago, but most of those people stopped playing. I only recently started again.

When I play CoD, my clan tag is NAFA, the acronym (yes, we do say it like it's a word) of the local group.

I know a handful of people who play Call of Duty and about as many who do or have played WoW. None of the WoW players are on my server, more's the pity. I have some friends who still play, but not nearly as many who did before, that I know outside of game.

I absolutely love and crave the social aspects of the game. I love playing with people I can joke around and chat with. It definitely adds to the game; and I'd much rather be in a guild that makes fun of stuff together, than a guild where I like no one but it gets me into high end raiding content. In CoD I'd rather play for a couple hours with friends I can chat with, than with people who never talk but always win. Of course, it's always best when we're doing good; but I've had great times failing miserably while laughing with friends. As contrast, I've never had fun failing miserably while I was by myself.

I'm very interested in other people's opinions on this. Thanks in advance for your participation in my unscientific poll, and please encourage your gaming friends to participate.

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Comment by Dustin Scott on June 23, 2010 at 2:46am
1. sword of the new world, s4 league, halo 3 (via my friend's xbox 360) , team fortress 2, i've played a little counter strike, and countless other f2p games.
I stick to f2p games as i'm super broke most of the time.

2. i've been in a few guilds before, but i inevitably get kicked out when i don't log on for various reasons.

3) i find social interactions amusing, sometimes it makes the game, like counter-strike for instance, i could be amused just sitting there idling in the game listening to people, the craziest people ever play counter-strike haha its awesome.
Online games in many cases is the only place where i can find people similar to me, other than these forums and such.

4. Not sure how well a atheist themed gaming group would be received, I really have no idea how many atheist are gamers, at-least all that i know personally are (that's only 2 though).

5. I know 2 atheist that play online games and are friends IRL, I know 1 that i'm not sure if he's agnostic or not, but i'll go with that. The agnostic usually plays the same online games with me, and we usually take his xbox 360 online for halo 3 and i sign in as a guest (he's actually a room mate atm, but he's been obsessing over his new gf recently so halo 3 play/ actually hanging out has been in a decline, my old room mate was one of my atheist gamer friends it was awesome to say the least).

For the most part i havn't gamed too much recently, i have allot of offline RPG's i want to beat but don't have the time, have been working on a website with one of my other atheist friends for the past month. We're supposed to try and put together a game development group in the fall with another friend of his, should be awesome hopefully.
Comment by Garrick McElroy on June 22, 2010 at 8:43pm
(1) Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, Gunbound, WolfTeam, Diablo II, Unreal Tournament 2004, Battlefield 1942
(2) None
(3) It varies. It depends on the people I'm playing with. Sometimes they make me REALLY angry, and other times I can get along pretty well.
(4) Pass
(5) Only a couple, and only one of them is an atheist. A bunch more.



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