Hey guys, so it's been a few weeks but here's part 2.

So I've had my revelation and at the time I was 8 years old. What this meant for me was that I was still vulnerable to change. My parents were a bit worried that they may have scared me out of something that I was happy with. But at the time I told them that "I don't want to live my life controlled by something as believable as Santa." So, still in my naivety, I confronted my religion teacher with the following question: "Why do you believe in God and how do you know he exists." The answer is still clear in my mind and my teacher answered as follows: "I believe in God because he is the creator of everything and he sent his only son to die for us to forgive our sins. I know he exists because if you look at a robot, we know it cannot create itself. We know that it must have been created by something, therefore God must exist because the universe has to have a creator."

This answer was very deceptive because at the time, I was unaware of the concept of William Paleys watch. From that moment I turned agnostic and would often strain my thoughts about whether or not there was truly something in religion for me. One night when I was 10, my dad brought home a ginger beer kit. Out of my nature, I began to ask questions about it and offered my help. Along the way, my dad explained to me how when making ginger beer, the yeast that is initially made can be split into two and the process can repeat itself to help in making more ginger beer. I began to compare this to my religion teachers answer. What I compared: Nature vs Artificial. I realised that a robot is artificially made and things such as yeast are naturally occurring. Yeast can begin as virtually nothing and grow and be able to be a part of a much larger product, something much greater than its size. What this lead to me to conclude was that (at the time I was unaware of) the concept of William Paleys watch was out of context. Most things that nature cannot be created by man, instead they occur. Paleys watch is a convoluted concept that can fool even the most intelligent people.

Therefore, I declared myself to have no association with religion whatsoever, and for the next 6 years (I am currently 16) I began to find and formulate my own answers to the universe which I will share with you in the next and final part.

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Comment by Thomas True on December 7, 2010 at 5:04pm
Good for you! Be glad you came to this realization way before many of us older atheists.



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