so apparently, some puttz claims that the face of jesus, yes that's right, the messiah, can be seen in the wood grain of this guitar. here is the link to the video.

my response to the video:

are your fucking eyes crippled? or did you crack your back and have an acid flashback right when you looked at this guitar?
it doesn't resemble the face of jesus one bit!
oh wait i know!!!!
you wanted to sell the guitar for $900 dollars!
that's right folks!
for only $900 dollars you can own a washburn :s acoustic guitar with a fucking lego head looking face of jesus in the wood grain.

i bet when you strike a chord on that guitar, an orchestra manifests itself out of thin air and accompanies you.

also, if you pour water in it and dump it back out, low and behold..........

.....boone's farm.

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Comment by Deborah Mitchell on December 8, 2008 at 1:29pm
Yeah, I read your post over the weekend and was going to say this (but got sidetracked): The "image" looks like a cartoon character. Or a caveman. Besides, how exactly do these folks who see Jesus and/or Mary know what they looked like? Funny how we create our gods in our own image.
Comment by The Atheist Archetype on December 3, 2008 at 9:13am
the link to the video does not work. go to and it's on the main page

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