The Temple of Deliverance Church of God in Christ

Holy $h!t. I turned on my TV this morning to see the Temple of Deliverance Church of God in Christ.

This is worth watching just to observe the unbelievable chaos that people subscribe to. Dudes in robes - main man is chanting in alteration with an organ/drum. "He will validate *organ hit* the little that you got *organ hit* whatever you got *organ hit* god can use it *organ hit* he can use your talent *organ hit* he can use your money *organ hit* whatever you got *organ hit* put it in his hands" *organ hit* ---- oooh its getting faster now....Folks are getting all worked up...This is messed up!

This reminds me of some superstitious meeting of some native tribe somewhere. Everyone is standing, clapping, dancing around, hands raised, whoa! - sister just fell out! Fan her brother, fan her!! Holy spirit must be moving in the COGIC today!!!

Oh, here it is - how you can donate your money to god - all credit cards accepted! Wonder how many people could have been helped with the money used to create this unbelievable ornate church building. I wonder what that "servant of god" is paid for his leading the chaos.

I bet these same people would watch a National Geographic special on some spiritual/superstitious tribe chanting around a fire in Africa somewhere and comment on how backwards that tribe is and how much better, more advanced they themselves are.

Wake up and smell yourselves people!

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