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Since starting RR, I have seen a huge need for people to get psychological and emotional help recovering from their religious trauma. I frequently get requests from people for a secular therapist in their area. Unfortunately, such a listing does not exist and I have no way of finding a truely secular therapist in a given location. Many people complain that the psychologist the went to was Christian or into Woo Woo New Age stuff and gave them spiritual advice. It is dangerous for a psychologist to openly admit they are atheist or secular since that would instantly scare off their more religious clients. That is what makes it hard to find them. It is a real problem that I would like to address in this way.

If you are a secular therapist or you know of a therapist that seems to be secular, please have them contact me.  I want to develop a database of therapists who might let me know they are open to working with secular people and will promise not to use religious or spiritual ideas with them. They don't need to tell me they are atheist or secular, just that they will only use secular methods with clients. I don't want to hurt anyone's practice, but do want to find professionals that can be faith free with RR referrals.

Do not contact me directly if you are not a therapist. I don't have time to chase therapists down. Contact me directly if you are a therapist or have a therapist contact me.  My direct email is


I will only respond to inquiries that point me to credentials on a website or Mental health site. Again, I don't have time to research every inquiry so let me know what your credentials are and any websites that talk about your services. I'll put you in the database and begin to actively match up clients with therapists. Needless to say, we will need a lot of names to adequately cover the geography, but we have to start somewhere.


Thanks for any help,

Dr. Darrel Ray,

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