I'm not going to be using the Newtwon Shooting as a means of trying to promote some anti-theist agenda on this post, nor will I be scolding anyone who does use the tragedy to try and promote their own agenda here.

Although I don't personally know any of the children who were lost yesterday, I am deeply saddened, perhaps more than someone who didn't personally know any of the victims would normally be.

Although I have no children of my own, my cousins have their own children that I'm very close to.  One of these children, Carly, is a second grader who basically just loves me.  If she ses me, she just runs right up and hugs me and I respond by picking her up in my arms and holding her tight.

I also work at an elementary school as a Child Care Assistant and as such, I feel I've grown closer to many of the children I care for both before and after school.

And when news of this shooting broke out, I just couldn't stop thinking "what is it had happened at the school I work at or at the school Carly goes to?  And her sister Rachel is entering kindergarten next year, what if it happens again at their school?"

We lost more than 27 innocent lives yesterday (not including the monster who's responsible for this atrocity), but we lost a feeling of security and safety.

I want anyone who reads this to share their own stories and be supportive of those who do.

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Comment by Tiffany Figueroa on December 15, 2012 at 11:54am

I am, and will continue to be brought to tears. Everyone relates in different ways. I am a mother of a seven year old and I can't imagine the grief that will forever be held by the parents of the victims. I still can't believe that this has happened. I don't think I will find any resolve, emotionally. 



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