first off, sorry i haven't been on this site for awhile, been busy with school >.< anyways...

I know i told everyone here that im an atheist, it was like being a virgin and you people being my first time, and thanks to that, i was able to tell everyone around me that i was an atheist. Many found it a disappointment of course, but eventually understood that it is what i "believe" and im never going to give in anymore the religious stuff again. But, a family member of mind, before she could accept im an Atheist, asked "Why? Why are you dropping our lord savior? The man that loves all of us for who we are? why?" And this is what i told her:

"You honestly believe that? If he loved everyone for who they were, then why doesn't he accept gays? Why does frown on a woman that decides to divorce their love one and find a new partner? or man that just glances at another woman? Why do you believe in someone that, suppose to help you, but yet doesn't?"

her "What you mean? He does help those who are truly in need and that believe.."

"Really? then why the hell did he let me get abuse by my step father, drag by my hair, and go to school with bruises bigger then an orange? Why did he let my uncle molest me? Why did he let me and my brothers, those who believe in god so hard that we went and spread his false name around, get taken from our parents and place in a foster home? why!?"

her "Maybe he was testing you? you ever think that?"

"What the fuck? What kind of idiotic test are those? If he was testing me, then he's a fucking ass. Letting me get physically, emotionally, and mentally hurt, to me, if he love me and wanted to help someone that truly needed it and believe in him, i believe maybe, just maybe, i could be one of them...but no. He decides to look over my beaten, sorry ass and help somebody else. I don't believe, because i have no reason to believe anymore. The teaches are idiotic, the stories are completely fuck up, the rules are wrong and the help...its never there. Rather face things heads on and fight for myself, then to trust into someone magical man with a beard and a kid he told must die."

After that, she walked away, not talking to me for about 3 weeks. The following week after those 3 weeks, she message me on facebook, saying this "I sorry for asking you that, i went and talk to my God, but found no answer. I ask him to help me to help you, but he didn't answer...and so, i started to question my own religion as well, and have come to this conclusion...why? Why am i believing? Why am i giving most of my life and time to someone who has never answer me? Im done, im thinking of just dropping it...please, help me tell the family just like you have." And so, i show her the comments everyone left me, how many people told me to just come out and say, because they are going to need to know, and she did. We are now the atheist of the family and she truly is much happier now.

Love having a family member who understands why i am an atheist and can help support me as i go on ^.^...well if ya read, thanks for reading. Laters

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Comment by Timothy Warner on August 27, 2011 at 10:12pm
me too...makes me happy. ^.^ thanks for reading steph



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