The Unholy Alliance of Gods and Countries

America, the land of the free and the home of the brave. Sounds like a song. Oh, wait a minute, it is a song. And, patriots everywhere in this exceptional country sing it, stand for it and well up inside whenever they hear it. Patriotism, a manufactured cultural response to wherever a human is born, still rings loud and clear in most countries. I've never been anywhere in the world, and I've been lots and lots of places, that lacked this feeling of love for country. The commitment to a birth place is always flagrant and obvious. So much so that mothers and fathers are willing to sacrifice the lives of their children for this random membership within an imaginary border that none of us got to choose no matter where we found ourselves as we exited our mother's womb to encounter a cold world on the outside. Until we die or unless we become refugees, the country club is one club where everyone gets full membership, but it ain't free.  You're automatically signed up at birth and the annual dues is taken from your hide for the rest of your life. I'm not talking about taxes either. In every imaginable and unimaginable way wherever we're born determines our perception of the world and limits our creativity and autonomy. Yet, most people don't seem to mind and even those that do tend to eventually forget the reasons that made them question their membership once in a while.

There are lots of reasons why this allegiance to country is so rampant and might I say a very dependable response to country.

Certainly, our age-old tribal instincts play into this predictable phenomenon. We can't help ourselves. We start out completely dependent and by the time we're eighteen our thoughts and perceptions, beliefs and abilities to envision anything outside our personal box have been determined.  We are for the most part robotic by design and thus feel completely at home even in a place that goes against our grain. To be part of the tribe is as natural to us as eating or drinking because without the tribe we have no identity. There's been lots of research on the tribal nature of humanity and the benefits of cooperation over competition as well. Not everything about being part of a tribe limits us. Much of being part of a tribe is beneficial, but the flip side is very dangerous and most people don't even know it.

I contend that religion, another cultural construct like patriotism, has long bolstered the commitment to country as well.

In fact, often in the past, religion was the rule of the country or at least a significant part of governance. We're seeing it again in modern American politics. Old time religion raising its ugly head in places of power. The religious right have made a concerted effort in the last decades to position themselves in such places so as to influence policy and laws, limit personal autonomy and freedom according to their moral constructs that they believe are of a divine nature. So, we are seeing freedoms taken from women, children, gays, people of color , anyone that is perceived to be  unsanctioned by god to control their own lives. Of course, the people at the top, largely white males claim they answer to an even higher power in this patriarchal, bible-based world order. They are in power because god placed them there. These are not new ideas but old recycled ideas that simply will not die as long as humans give a rat's ass about superstition and religion. Even the most benign religious doctrines adhere to this kind of thinking, so I contend that the religions of left-leaning politics are helping to support this kind of ideology even if they think of themselves as reformed, enlightened or progressive. They don't see it. I have plenty of friends who are addicted to superstition, nice liberal people who just can't separate themselves from the god of their culture. They tire me almost more than the hardened cases of far right foaming at the mouth radicals, because I know they are going to lose this battle and it'll be their own damn fault. 

We will never be able to overcome the myths about god and country that our culture places at our feet as holy, holier than any other country, until we recognize that all of this flows from the same stream of thought with the same goal in mind — someone always wants to control us.  Mythologies are dangerous. They will keep us in chains, inspire us to pay allegiance to ideologies that harm us and lead us down the path to slavery and even death, all in the name of a god and country we never even got to choose.  

I'm a myth buster. My recent published book -  Have We Been Screwed? Trading Freedom for Fairy Tales - can be purchased on Amazon.

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Comment by Michael Penn on October 21, 2017 at 3:15pm

Exactly. People cannot separate themselves from the god of their culture. This gets deep and profound when people do not see this to be true in all cultures and realize that these cultures all have a different god, or version of said god.

They enforce their myths and delusions with the idea that their god "has many names" according to their scriptures and this means their god is really the right one. The other guy is just calling god by another name and someday he might find the right name for the right god. Their god.

True believers find no problems with this. To me it blows everything all to hell. Gods are imaginary. People use them to control you. Currently I see that fascism has finally come to America and is wrapped in the American flag. This was predicted because of the desire to control us. The current administration cares nothing for the people and wants yo to support them because they are "patriotic." God and religion is brought into play. Nobody here is remotely religious. It's another fairy tale screwing us all



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