The Unnecessary Organization of My iPod

Most of the music in my iPod are organized by Artist, Album order, and Year they came out. So you have a sense of their growth.

For example:

Black Sabbath/War Pigs/Paranoid/1970
Black Sabbath/Paranoid/Paranoid/1970
Black Sabbath/Planet Caravan/Paranoid/1970
... and so on in the exact order of the album, then their next album:
Black Sabbath/Sweet Leaf/Master of Reality/1971
... then the after that uber collection is done it's on to the next artist.

For some reason musical evolution is fascinating to me. It makes me think about an artist or genre in a broader scale. For example, bands like the Yardbirds and Cream fused Blues-rock, which then introduced us to Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and other bands (that's the condensed version).

Then I listed Metallica's Kill Em All (1983), which sounds similar to New Wave of British Heavy Metal, then take their next album Ride the Lighting which sounds like they are doing their own, and then 1986 comes and the Big 4 of Thrash (Megadeth,Anthrax,Slayer,& Metallica) step it up with amazing albums. Then you think wow, how did they get to this sound, when 2 decades earlier, no one sounded like this.

Bands tweak their sound, use what they are influenced by then take their twist of it.

Perhaps I'm thinking too much............

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Comment by David Anam on March 28, 2011 at 3:48pm
No such thing as thinking too much. I also love seeing the progression of sounds through the decades. Though I'm not a big fan of thrash metal. More of a Guns N' Roses guy.



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