The Winter Solstice provides such a beautiful theme for the dark of winter.

The Winter Solstice provides such a beautiful theme for the dark of winter. The event happens at a specific time with the Earth tilting its north pole away from the sun in the north. Having Facebook friends in Australia, New Zealand and India, it is fun to share their summer solstice with them. Our family has a Yule log based on the Nordic tradition. Yule is the name of the old Winter Solstice festivals in Scandinavia. Winer Solstice provided a time of celebration around the Earth for people on all continents. It is a universal and natural event.

There is no reason to think that Jesus was born at all or in Bethlehem or in the dead of winter. It is a tradition passed on from very ancient times. The Bible does not state what time of year the event of the mythical birth of Jesus occurred. The town of Bethlehem did not exist at that time in history. A group of men decided on the Dec 25 date in order to usurp the Saturnalia and Natalis Invicti celebrations that occur at the winter solstice of the ancient pagan beliefs.

"The importance of Bethlehem to Christianity came to the forefront in the fourth century. Constantine, the first Roman emperor to declare Christianity as the official religion of the empire, sent his mother, Helena, to the Holy Land to find and document sites important to Christianity. Helena believed she had found the spot where Jesus was born in Bethlehem and asked her son to build the Church of the Nativity. With Helena’s encouragement and Constantine’s money supporting them, pilgrims began making the trek to the Holy Lands. Since then, Bethlehem continues to attract pilgrims to Jesus’ birthplace."

Stonehenge, an early form of henge monument, built about 5,000 years ago from the Neolithic Era . "The earliest structures known in the immediate area are four or five pits, three of which appear to have held large pine ‘totem-pole like’ posts erected in the Mesolithic period, between 8500 and 7000 BC.[1] It is not known how these posts relate to the later monument of Stonehenge."

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Comment by Joan Denoo on January 2, 2015 at 3:51am

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