Theist Propaganda – Creation – the movie about Charles Darwin



Who’s seen this movie?


And who knows the history?


I got the movie out, knowing nothing about it.  I watched the whole thing, surprised that it had some supernatural type scenes in it – in the form of dream sequence, but going along with the creativity of the movie all the same.


Then I get to the extra bits.  The making of the movie type thing on the DVD.  And I get a whole lot of Christian propaganda. 


What the hell is going on with that?

Why is it there?

Who funded this movie?


I can’t actually believe these people are on the end of a movie saying this complete drivel.  It’s just so obviously rubbish.  It was almost like a kind of – now look into my eyes – scenario – like they were just going for hypnosis failing the based in fact or reality option!

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