Theists and Community Based Harassment

There is a form of stalking going on today that involves groups of people harassing a person. There are different terms for it. The most common terms are gang stalking and organized stalking. Community based harassment is another. Also cause stalking, group stalking and vigilante stalking among others. It's no joke, hoax or urban legend. I know this from first hand experience. 

An episode that I want to relate here involves theists and their involvement in this group stalking. It would take too long to list all of the group stalking incidents, psychological abuse tactics and harassment scenarios that I had experienced prior to the incident that I'm going to describe.

I had been experiencing bizarre harassment out in public from strangers.  Receiving unwarranted negative attention from different people who I had never seen before. Negative attention that I had done nothing to attract or draw. It would take a long time to try and describe all of the group stalking tactics I have experienced and how they're designed to operate. There are multiple websites about these various covert tactics and harassment methods. These group stalkers WANTED me to know that they were watching me. They were deliberately trying to get my attention.

I had strangers approaching me and telling me that I was "marked" by a gang and all sorts of other things that didn't make sense to me. I was never a part of a "gang". Strangers telling me that they knew I was being stalked and harassed but couldn't tell me why or how they knew this. It's all a lot worse than it sounds and I'm simply trying to make a long story short. 

I had experienced a lot of psychological harassment that had me unnerved and disturbed. I was pretty freaked out by it all. I no longer had a social life. I had become very paranoid. My friends and family were thinking that I was going crazy. I was isolating myself because the public harassment I was facing would happen on a daily basis. Then one day I had two christians come to my apartment door. They told me: "the devil is trying to separate you from the herd".

They KNEW I was being group stalked and harassed though I had never seen them before in my life. They talked about how lions would try to isolate and separate a prey animal from it's herd where they could have their way with it and that the "devil" was trying to do this same exact thing to me. 

The solution they offered me was to get involved with them and the christian community and to become a part of their church. If I attended their church and got active with their church group then the "devil" could no longer separate me from the herd and so on. This experience among others has proven to me that theists are participating in gang stalking to try and force people under their beliefs and into their lifestyles. 

So many people have said and done things to give me the impression that they think community based harassment and group stalking is alright. As if they think they're doing the right thing. Such as trying to coerce and manipulate people into their little churches where they can save them from the fiery bowels of everlasting damnation blah blah blah. 

I theorize that theists have gone from overt physical abuse and torture in past centuries to covert psychological abuse and group stalking in these modern times. I have experienced it firsthand. This is why I am beyond certain that theists are involved in gang stalking as a way to convert people. They target, traumatize and isolate certain people and then offer them an "escape" by getting them to turn their lives over to the mumbo jumbo and put dollars on the little collection plate. 

If their god were actually real he would've stopped them from doing all of this illegal, abusive and malevolent garbage to me in the first place. They've yet to be exposed. 

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Comment by Ryan Shields on April 14, 2015 at 10:55am

An imaginary being doesn't need anything. An imaginary being doesn't need to be defended. It's the irrational followers that subscribe to that sort of mumbo jumbo that need to feel unique, different and special. They WANT to have the job of an omnipotent entity on their special and important shoulders.....

Comment by Michael Penn on April 11, 2015 at 2:06am

I agree with Deidre and Patricia. Why does god always need 'defending?"

Comment by Deidre on April 11, 2015 at 12:37am

I've always wondered...even when I was a theist...why does God always seem to need 'defending?' Religion is really more about people's egos, which is why they drive and push so hard to get new recruits, not to mention the threat of hell if they don't try to recruit others. I feel the love. ^_^

Comment by Ryan Shields on April 9, 2015 at 7:59pm

"x-moron" that's funny Patricia. I can believe it! My Mother had a difficult time getting them to take her name off of their lists. I was told that my name isn't even on it yet I never did anything to get them to take it off. My mormon cousin told me that he had submitted my name to them in the main salt lake city temple to "help" me. Halle-frickin'-lu! Could be where a lot of it is coming from. I also like your referring to the bishop's associates as "minions".  LOL minions is right! 

Hi Michael, it definitely has made me paranoid but Logic and Reason wins out. I wouldn't even be here writing this if I weren't able to think logically. Their "powers from god" could involve surveillance tech to illegally monitor the people they target. In it's extreme it reminds me of the preview to a movie I saw called "Red State". I haven't seen it yet but some of the people I've been harassed by look like they star in it. 

Comment by Michael Penn on April 9, 2015 at 6:56pm

Apparently they haven't grown up much and they want you to play their little game. Beware the"game" because it will make you paranoid.

Adult versions of it for fundies is when ministers and others tell you they have "powers" from god and they get more mumbo gumbo mixed in with it all. If the adults join forces with the teens an unsuspecting person might just wake up and find out he is their newest church member.

Comment by Ryan Shields on April 9, 2015 at 5:19pm
Since I've moved back to Idaho from Phoenix, Arizona I don't experience anything like I used to. For others it's going on everyday though like it used to be for me. Trying to expose them is the only thing I know of that will work. I was born and raised in the mormon church and I have many relatives who are mormon. They seem to more or less shun/ignore me and I still experience light mobbing here. My name is still on the LDS membership list even though I haven't been to their church in over 20+ years. The creeps who participate in this sort of covert harassment are identical to cult members. It's interesting because christians consider so many other groups and religions to be cults but not themselves - many of them aren't on the lists of cults therefore because they're the ones compiling the lists. If you ever decide to read about it there are many disinformation websites online such as the "Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance" group. (I learned that the hard way) A legitimate website is "fight gang stalking dot com"



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