Theocratic encroachment on secular institutions, …like a child's game.

"Paper beats rock"

...reminds me of theism.

 It doesn't make any sense, but we're all just supposed to let that slide because respect for Christian privilege (for absolutely no reason) is supposed to be a "given" (according to Christians).

"Paper is supposed to magically wrap around rock leaving it mobile?"

 "Theism beats Secularism"; we're asked to eschew reason in order to promote an outcome that makes no sense. This can be applied to any theist based intrusion on secularity, be it reproductive rights, marriage equality, or the anti-science push in public education.

Rock Beats Scissors

Scissors Beats Rock 

Paper Beats Rock ?

 So, yeah ...if we don't allow for "paper beats rock", …we can't play the game, and the world is a little less fun, …because really, paper only ever beats things …symbolically.

 There are some games we don't want to play though, …that's the point of secular governance, we don't want to allow for theistic moral absolutes magic paper from magic books magically wrapping itself around our laws and secular institutions. This is a game we should refuse to play, this is a game that's fine for churches, synagogs, mosques and personal decisions… but,

...It should not be a national sport. It's time to point out in no uncertain terms that no matter how popular a religion is, no matter how large the majority held by its adherents in the electorate of a government and a nation founded blatantly, on secular principles and secular principles alone.

Theism has no special privilege here!

Let's not play that game anymore.

(note: I'm not dissing rock-paper-scissors here)

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